Trust and Verify

Veritas Perspectives July 19, 2023

In today’s world of risk, the decision to buy a product or a service can feel complicated. It’s no longer enough to understand if the "thing” you are considering buying delivers on its basic promise. You also need to understand whether your purchase could create a cyber, compliance, or privacy risk to your organization.

If that's not complicated enough, depending on the risk profile, you may have to review the supply chain behind the offering. It’s important to grasp the components that went into the final product and the resilience of the overall supply chain. That’s what supply-chain risk management is all about.

This is just one example of complexity in business. And while dealing with this, it is not enough to simply accept the words of the person who sold you the “thing,” you must get the details.

Veritas + Trust

At Veritas, trust and transparency are at our core. We consider providing the latest information on security, privacy, compliance, and corporate responsibility a top priority.

We’re making it easier for you to get the information you need with our new Veritas Trust Center. It’s your single source of truth for critical security, compliance, privacy, and corporate responsibility information.

The Veritas Trust Center removes many of the common challenges faced in laborious due-diligence processes. We understand that finding legal documentation or answers to security, compliance, or privacy questions for time-intensive reviews can become roadblocks in purchasing cycles.

Visit to learn about our secure-by-design philosophy, explore our certifications, or check out Technical Alliance Partner Integration section under security.

We look forward to continuing to expand and evolve the Trust Center to support your needs.

Tim Burlowski
Global Lead Cyber Resilience and Data Protection Strategy