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Protection April 17, 2023

We have all heard about the staggering statistics stemming from cyber-attacks. An average of nineteen attacks occurs every second. And 32% of companies have been hit twice by ransomware attacks. If you are a large company that is attacked by ransomware, you can expect to pay an average of $401M in data breach costs.

With the constant threat of cyber-attacks targeting on-site data, it is important to secure, off-site copy without doubling or tripling monthly cloud spend. It is no longer a matter if a company is going to be attacked, it is a matter of when they are going to be attacked. What if you could receive an extra layer of protection to make it more difficult for cyber-stalkers to infiltrate your cloud storage?

Veritas AltaTM Recovery Vault provides easy to use, secure cloud storage for backup data with predictable per TB-storage costs and no hidden fees. The product gives you an additional cloud-based data storage barrier against the threat of ransomware infection and an additional layer from which to recover in the event of an emergency. And it does it without adding any infrastructure or opening any non-standard ports.

As a fully managed, cloud-based data retention service for NetBackup and Veritas Alta DP users, Veritas Alta Recovery Vault provides end-to-end deduplication, ransomware protection with immutability, and the industry’s broadest workload support. And it eliminates data transfer fees, while ensuring the lowest TCO for cloud storage requirements.

Recently, a Veritas customer who had a heterogeneous backup environment was a victim of a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, 80% of the customer’s environment that was not protected by Veritas, resulted in lost data and took weeks to restore the data. Whereas the 20% of the customer’s environment that utilized NetBackup was fully recovered within 24 hours.

In addition, the latest release of Veritas Alta Recovery Vault has built-in security features for Azure in NetBackup 10.2, which includes short lived token-based authentication to better protect your data.

One of the new features in this release of Veritas Alta Recovery Vault includes cloud tiering features that address user requirements to perform backups in their data center to a local storage pool, and then tier the data to Alta Recovery Vault. The customer gains low-cost longer-term retention for NetBackup and Alta Data Protection with a choice of back-end providers including Azure and Archive and Glazier Deep Archive with a choice of a recovery time and cost structure that meets your needs – all from Veritas. Mix and max storage tiers as required. It provides Backup infrastructure remains on premises with data being sent to object storage in the cloud.

After deploying Veritas Alta Recovery Vault, customers will gain these benefits:

  • Easy to provision Alta Recovery Vault
  • Helps you become more resilient against Ransomware threats.
  • Scalability to help manage data growth without compromising manageability.
  • Low total cost of ownership with predictable subscription model, and no hidden fees
  • Multi-cloud flexibility without cloud vendor lock-in
  • Utilize immutable storage to protect against threat actors trying to expire your images


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