Mental health in the workplace—let’s talk about it!

Veritas Perspectives May 12, 2023

Mental health in the workplace— can we talk about it? We can, and we should.

In the spirit of contributing to ending the stigma around mental health, I’ll share some of my experiences with it. My mother was bipolar, this condition made it difficult for her to fit into the somewhat normative corporate world, despite her exceptional qualities and boundless creativity. Anyone who has experienced bipolarism knows that it comes with extremely high-highs as well as low-lows.


About one in eight people struggle with a mental health issue.

My mother wasn’t alone. Nor was I, her daughter, navigating cultural shortfalls to promote and protect mental health. Everyone’s life likely touches someone with a mental health condition, yet we don’t talk about it enough, and stigma is still prevalent. Mental health and well-being are just as important as physical health and can have a significant impact on employee morale, work productivity, and overall job satisfaction.


Managers impact employees’ mental health 69 percent more than doctors or therapists, and the same as a spouse or partner.

Veritas supports and cares for employees in different ways:

  • Providing trainings and resources for people managers to expand their knowledge about mental health and be better equipped to support their team members.
  • Rolling out an online platform to connect U.S. employees with mental health professionals, how, when, and where they need it, at no cost.
  • Offering a People and Places work model, providing maximum flexibility for employees to fit work into their lives (and not the other way around).
  • Launching a new DAVE (Differently Abled at Veritas Empowered) Employee Resource Group to give a voice to employees and families of individuals with different abilities.

As part of Veritas’ Mental Health Awareness activities in May, the company is sharing resources and engagement opportunities including webinars, workshops, and a global Veritas healthy and balanced life challenge. The goal is for employees to feel empowered to support their mental health journey and well-being.

Companies (and people managers!) have a massive opportunity to support employees pursue both fulfilling careers and rich personal and family lives. Let’s rise to the challenge, talk about it, be inclusive, encourage diversity, and support each other. We’ll all benefit from it.

Claire Verrot
Head of ESG at Veritas