Meet the Recruiter – Kevin Hogan

Veritas Perspectives June 09, 2023

Meet Kevin, a Senior Principal IT Recruiter at Veritas. Kevin has been with Veritas for 1 year and is responsible for recruiting top talent in IT roles. Kevin's career began at a young age, working at a fast-food chain, Wendy's, where he had to get a work permit through his high school guidance counselor as he was only 15 and below the normal starting age of 16. Kevin's first corporate job was at General Motors (GM) where he was employed as a Better Business Bureau Arbitrator. His role was to listen to and rule on lemon law complaints from new GM car owners. It was in this role that the VP of the company informed Kevin about a new recruiting role they had an opening for, and he interviewed, and this was how he started recruiting.

Kevin loves the outdoors and enjoys scuba diving, golf, fishing, kayaking, anything to do with the water. He also loves the snow and had the opportunity to vacation at one of his favorite spots, in Banff Canada stating that one of his favorite aspects about working at Veritas is the work-life balance the company provides. He has worked for some of the large tech companies in the industry and has never had this amount of flexibility. He also appreciates the leadership team in Talent Acquisition, who truly understands the effort and work that goes into filling the niche roles of his organization.

“I’ve never worked with a company that truly appreciates their employees as much as Veritas.”

As he progressed in his career, Kevin has learned many valuable lessons, including the importance of treating everyone as an equal. He feels when you are genuinely honest, direct and can connect with each candidate, you are able to build a bridge that continues throughout their careers. He shares that as a recruiter it’s important that,

“It’s important to treat each candidate that goes through the process equally. I put myself into the shoes of my candidates who are going through the process, to ensure no matter the outcome, they are treated in a way in which I would like to be treated.”

In terms of hiring, Kevin's team is currently looking for candidates with skills surrounding cloud transformation strategy, experience building, running, and managing infrastructure for SaaS Applications, presentation and communication skills, the ability to convey progress, risks, and opportunities across the enterprise. Running Cloud operations in public cloud environments like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google GCP. Running Backup and Recovery, Resiliency services.

Kevin's top tips for someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to him are always—check for punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors, prior to submitting a resume.

He concludes by saying:

“My final tip would be for the potential candidate to do their homework on Veritas or any company they are considering. Taking the time to really research the company, its background, and the direction it is heading. This will ensure you are prepared and can “WOW” the recruiter, when you compile and ask detailed questions pertaining not only to the role, but the company.” 

If you enjoyed Kevin's story and are looking for a new challenge in your career, consider joining us. Kevin is currently hiring for the following roles below. Check out other open positions on the Veritas careers page.

Strategy Director

Strategy Associate

Strategy Manager

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Staffing Specialist
Human Resources
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