Enhancing Data Governance: The Power of Veritas Data Insight and MPIP Labels Integration


In today’s digital landscape, where data is both a valuable asset and a potential liability, managing and protecting sensitive information has never been more critical. Organizations must meet tough compliance rules and keep data both secure and easy to access. This is where the strategic integration of Veritas Data Insight with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) labels offers a great solution for automated data labeling and protection. Our comprehensive whitepaper and an instructive video guide explain how integrating Veritas Data Insight with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) labels can transform your data management strategy. 

Essentials of Data Classification and Labeling

Effective data management depends on the precise classification and labeling of your data.This process is not merely a technical procedure but a foundational step in ensuring that sensitive information is handled, shared, and secured correctly. Incorrect or insufficient labeling can expose organizations to risks such as non-compliance with different regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA, leading to potential data breaches and significant fines. This is why it's essential to have a solid system in place for classifying and labeling data accurately.

Integrating Veritas Data Insight with MPIP

Combining Veritas Data Insight with Microsoft Purview creates a straightforward and effective way to manage data. This partnership improves how accurately we can classify data and ensure it meets security rules, which is vital for strong data management. Our whitepaper dives into this topic, explaining how this integration helps businesses better control their data, keep it secure, and respond quickly to any security risks. It also discusses how this approach can help companies stay ahead in managing their data more smartly and safely. Alongside the whitepaper, our video guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, demonstrating precisely how to establish and utilize this connection, ensuring users can implement these practices with clarity and confidence. 

Key Features of the Integration

Automated Reclassification and Remediation: The integration of Veritas Data Insight with MPIP labels introduces an automated approach to data classification. This not only enhances the accuracy and consistency of labeling sensitive files but also reduces the manual effort that otherwise would be required.

Proactive Protection Measures: A notable strength of the integration is its capacity to implement proactive security measures. When the sensitivity level of a file is raised, the system automatically initiates enhanced protection protocols, such as encryption and watermarking, to safeguard against unauthorized access and distribution.

User-Centric Control: Even with its automation capabilities, Data Insight offers a user-friendly interface, enabling manual, on-demand label adjustments as needed. This adaptability is important for organizations that sometimes need direct control over their data, ensuring that the system’s comprehensive security features facilitate rather than obstruct essential data access and operations.

The strategic integration of Veritas Data Insight with MPIP labels is more than just a technical advancement; it's a comprehensive data governance solution. By empowering organizations to automate the classification and protection of sensitive data, this integration streamlines compliance efforts and reinforces a strong security posture. As we unpack these features in our whitepaper, it's clear that any organization prioritizing data security will benefit greatly from this integration.

[Read the Detailed Whitepaper]

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Jemma Karapetyan
Product Portfolio Manager