Enabling a Robust Cloud Foundation

Protection August 03, 2023

Many companies have a hard time assessing the longer-term benefits of moving to the cloud, and focusing on short term gains can often lead to long term challenges that are difficult to overcome.  A successful transition to the cloud depends on having the right foundation for your cloud transformation – which is particularly important knowing that cloud providers operate on a shared responsibility model.  This means that you’re responsible for your applications (and data) in the cloud – and it’s up to you to make sure your applications are providing the same (or better) experience running in the cloud that your end users have come to expect.

But first, you need to get there.  Cloud migration is often seen as a significant barrier when moving to the cloud, with both cost and timeline overruns being common concerns. Some analysis provided by McKinsey & Company shows how cloud migrations typically end up costing more than companies expect (figure 1).

Figure 1. McKinsey & Company survey of cloud migration cost overruns

Veritas is a leader in data management and protection with a focus on delivering solutions that provide the proper foundation for running your IT services in the cloud.  This includes:  

  • Ensuring a smooth and efficient cloud migration
  • Making your IT services highly available in cloud
  • Protecting your data in cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments

One thing that’s generally agreed on is that achieving maximum value in the cloud will often depend on having a well-conceived migration strategy, and even more importantly, being able to effectively execute that strategy. 

Simplified Cloud Migration

The Veritas Application Mobility Service is designed to help you efficiently migrate to the cloud in a predictable way that reduces migration timelines, errors, and costs/cost overruns while also helping you ensure that you’re IT services are resilient and highly available in the cloud once they’re migrated. Chances are you’ve probably considered a few strategies for getting to the cloud: 

  • Lift and shift
  • Refactoring
  • Cloud-native deployment (or re-deployment)

Many companies are opting for a lift and shift approach because of the strong desire to maintain (or improve) the application’s end user experience without the need to reinvent how to design and deploy applications in the cloud.  But this approach can require significant manual effort which is error prone and time consuming – exposing your business to cost overruns and downtime.  The Veritas Application Mobility Service automates the migration process to help you get to the cloud smoothly and efficiently – with no application downtime required.

Figure 2. Automating and simplifying the cloud migration process

By automating the cloud migration process, the Application Mobility Service helps you achieve predictable results when migrating applications to the cloud.  It helps you build a solid base for successful cloud migrations and cloud resiliency that can be used across cloud providers.  This saves you both time and money and gives you the confidence that your cloud migration projects will go smoothly. 

Availability and Protection in the Cloud

Having a solid foundation for application availability and protection plays a big role in making your cloud experience a success. Veritas has a proven track record of delivering cloud-focused solutions to help you get to the cloud and run smoothly when you’re there.  

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency’s application-aware clustering and high-availability services ensure your applications are always online in the cloud. If an application goes offline, Veritas Alta Application Resiliency can bring the application back online or move your application to a different system – in another zone, region, or other cloud – so it stays online. Using Alta Application Resiliency in the cloud gives you:

  • A comprehensive solution that helps you to create isolation zones for your cloud applications to minimize the effects of outages
  • Eliminate single points of failure and latency in cloud native services that can negatively affect your end user’s experience
  • Flexibility to run in hybrid or multi-cloud deployment architectures for maximum availability/resiliency, mobility between clouds and/or moving out of the cloud all together

Figure 3. Veritas Alta Application Resiliency keeps your applications highly available in the cloud

When it comes to protecting your data in the cloud, Veritas NetBackup delivers flexibility to protect any workload in any cloud.  As a market leader in data protection, NetBackup offers several ways to create secure optimized backups that you can recover anywhere.  There are several options for protecting cloud workloads:

  • NetBackup Cloud Scale is a cloud-native deployment architecture that scales automatically based on your data protection workload requirements

  • Easily write backup data to nearly any storage target in the cloud, including immutable object storage that keeps your data safe from ransomware

  • With the ability to protect both cloud and on-premises workloads, NetBackup gives you the freedom to maintain backups on any target based on your business and application requirements

Figure 4. Veritas NetBackup provides flexible and comprehensive protection for on-prem and cloud workloads


Providing a robust and flexible foundation for your IT services in the cloud is challenging when you don’t have the best tools to help ensure a smooth, predictable, and efficient cloud transformation.  Veritas helps you optimize your cloud experience by enabling and simplifying your migration to the cloud, ensuring that your business technology is highly available in the cloud once it’s migrated, and protecting your data in any cloud deployment architecture – so you can run your IT services in the cloud with confidence. 

For more information on the Veritas cloud strategy, check out the following links:

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