Continuing Veritas Cyber Strategy with Secure by Design Pledge

Veritas Perspectives May 10, 2024

Veritas took another step forward in our commitment towards cybersecurity best practices by signing the CISA Secure by Design Pledge. This new, voluntary pledge was unveiled and signed at RSA 2024 alongside 64 other companies, including: AWS, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Okta, and Qualys.

As CISA Director Jen Easterly highlighted, secure by design software is the best way to realize a more resilient future and escape the incident response cycle. Companies that sign the pledge will be early adopters, aligning with CISA around our shared goal of securing our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Joye Purser, Veritas Field CISO, and Varun Grover, Global AI Lead, discussing the CISA Secure by Design Pledge after signing the pledge at the RSA Conference 2024

With this commitment, we agree to build security into all our data management and data protection solutions. Companies should sign the CISA pledge to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the security of their software products, which can help protect user data, prevent cyberattacks, and build trust with customers and stakeholders. Under the pledge, companies commit to incorporating cybersecurity best practices into their product development cycle, including:

  • Building and managing disclosure programs for software vulnerabilities
  • Making patches easier for customers to install
  • Tracking intrusions by hackers
  • Mitigating flaws across common areas in software design
  • Reducing default passwords
  • Enabling multifactor authentication across products as standard

The good news for our customers is that we’ve been working in all these areas already – because we know how critical it is to help them secure their data.

Security Through Transparency

Last year, I wrote about the CISA Secure by Design and Secure by Default, and the commitment Veritas takes towards secure development. For more than 30 years, Veritas has been committed to tackling the world's most complex data challenges for large enterprises and is well-positioned to enable you to do more with less. Designing products with security in mind ensures that you can adapt to today’s evolving security challenges. Veritas addresses potential risks and vulnerabilities as we design security features so you can implement flexible security controls quickly and easily. This future-proofing approach helps maintain the integrity and security of our offerings — helping you deliver a confident cyber recovery posture.

I believe that security requires transparency. Put a different way, in the world of security, what you don’t know could have serious implications. As we publicly make that commitment today, we fully intend to carry that commitment into the future with the intended merger with Cohesity. Veritas and Cohesity have a shared vision to deliver unmatched cyber resilience to enterprises worldwide. Together, we will accelerate innovation to give our customers greater confidence and control over their data security and protection.

Veritas Continued Commitment

As the only data management and backup vendor to sign the pledge on day one, Veritas continues our commitment to our customers in delivering secure and resilient solutions. We will continue to work and develop with Secure by Design principles, and test and validate our solutions against real-world threats in our Veritas REDLab, a fully isolated, in-house security lab.

Not only is Veritas committed to designing and developing our solutions to meet CISA and NIST cybersecurity best practices, but we are also committed to helping our customers achieve cyber resilience with zero doubt. The Veritas 360 Defense is our unmatched extensible architecture that helps you bring together data security, protection, and governance, with integration across an extensive ecosystem of cybersecurity partners.

Data is changing the world; you need agility to optimize your business or maximize the value of your data. You need the flexibility to securely protect all data, across your enterprise. Veritas is committed to ensuring that your organization is always secure, resilient, and compliant — across all your environments, at any scale.

Learn more about how Veritas is committed to earning the trust of every customer every day at the Veritas Trust Center.

Tim Burlowski
Global Lead Cyber Resilience and Data Protection Strategy