Deliver needed performance

Enterprise-ready storage QoS

OpenStack continues to gain traction as the cloud open source software choice for organisations worldwide. However, executing traditional enterprise workloads with high performance and reliability requirements can still be challenging. Designed for and integrated with OpenStack, Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack uses a revolutionary architecture to deliver enterprise capabilities.

  • Deploy workloads intelligently
  • Off-host data protection
  • Integrate backups
  • Provide virtual machines (VMs) rapidly


Achieve superior performance and reliability

Deploy enterprise apps with confidence

  • Eliminate "noisy neighbour" impacts
  • Off-host data protections tasks
  • Attain a zero-backup window

Get dependable protection and resiliency

Protect workloads and data

  • Backup data for protection
  • Store versions on external storage
  • Maintain redundancy that matches workload needs

Choose an efficient, cost-effective solution

Optimise storage use and lower operating costs

  • Manage storage using Horizon-integrated single pane of glass
  • Match storage type to workload needs
  • Use fewer and partial copies to save on expensive computing layer storage

Deploy Tier 1 apps on OpenStack

Get high storage performance for your most demanding apps

OpenStack provides flexibility and agility, but doesn't ensure critical workloads will have the necessary resources to perform well. Failure to address the "noisy neighbour" problem arising when new workloads adversely impact running workloads can lead to unacceptable performance degradation. HyperScale for OpenStack is designed to ensure consistent and optimal workload performance.

  • Get policy-based workload deployment that takes account of available storage IOPs
  • Separate high-performance processing and data management with a two-plane architecture (computing and data, each with local storage)
  • Off-host backups and snapshots from computer processing to protect operational performance

Protect workloads and data

Keep your applications working and data safe

The large, distributed, multicomponent nature of OpenStack can result in sub-system failures that disrupt smooth operations. With HyperScale for OpenStack, you can stay up and running.

  • Get enterprise-grade data protection with integrated support for backups
  • Configure redundancy levels to match workload needs
  • Practice live migration of workloads in the event of storage and network failures
  • Use versioning to provide multiple recovery points

Maximise operational efficiency

Simplify storage management for efficient operations

Managing a complex storage environment can be difficult and result in project delays and cost inefficiencies. HyperScale for OpenStack provides enterprise-grade storage management.

  • Use easy, GUI-based storage provision and management
  • Augment Horizon's native capabilities
  • Provide VMs rapidly with chosen storage using pooled DAS

Achieve outstanding cost-effectiveness

Deliver against financial goals while meeting performance needs

Storage costs continue to escalate. Although OpenStack provides open source options for storage, these alone won't provide the performance and resilience that enterprise workloads demand. HyperScale for OpenStack lets you choose the optimal storage for your OpenStack environment and maintain your peace of mind.

  • Use DAS rather than expensive converged solutions
  • Scale primary computer storage and secondary storage independently
  • Match storage type (SSD versus HDD) to specific usage requirements
  • Employ efficient redundancy with fewer copies than other solutions to keep storage costs low
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