Veritas NetBackup™ LiveUpdate Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.1, 8.1)

Creating a LiveUpdate policy

Use the following procedure to create a LiveUpdate policy.

To create a NetBackup LiveUpdate policy

  1. Log on to the master server where you want to create the policy.

    This server must already be updated to the latest desired level.

    See Updating servers by using NetBackup LiveUpdate.

  2. Launch the NetBackup Administration Console.
  3. Select File > LiveUpdate, or click the LiveUpdate icon.
  4. In the LiveUpdate Policy window, click New.
  5. Enter the name you want for the policy, then click OK.
  6. On the Attributes tab of the new LiveUpdate Policy window, configure the following items:

    LiveUpdate Server Location

    • Enter the complete path of the LiveUpdate server location where the updates reside.

      The following examples show the format that you must use to enter the server location:



    Force all clients in this policy to use the same LiveUpdate server location

    By default, this option is checked. Veritas recommends that you create LiveUpdate policies to include all hosts that use the same LiveUpdate Server Location, and leave this option checked.

    If, however, your NetBackup environment includes more than one LiveUpdate server, you may want to disable this option.

    If you want hosts in a single policy to use a different LiveUpdate Server Location, disable this option.

    If this option is disabled, the following occurs:

    • Previously configured hosts

      Any hosts in the policy that are already configured continue to use the same LiveUpdate Server Location as before.

    • Hosts not previously configured

      Any hosts in the policy that are not yet configured use the LiveUpdate Server Location that is specified in this policy.


      Even if you disable this option, you must still specify a LiveUpdate Server Location.

    For more information on local LiveUpdate server configuration, see Appendix A.

    NetBackup Server

    Enter the name of the NetBackup server.

    Veritas recommends that you select this master server.

    The server name that you specify here must also reside in the following locations of all the hosts that you want to update:

    • bp.conf file (UNIX hosts)

    • windows registry (Windows hosts)

    For details about adding host names to the bp.conf file or the windows registry file, see the Syamntec NetBackup Installation Guide.


    If a firewall prevents communication between the master server and the clients, the policy must specify a media server that can communicate with the clients. The server that you specify cannot be included in this policy.

    Limit jobs per policy

    Set this option to the number of LiveUpdate jobs that you want to run simultaneously, when you run the policy.

  7. Click on the Clients tab, then click New.
  8. Enter the name of the first client and press Enter.

    Repeat this step until all client names are entered.

    You must enter only the names of client computers that have the NetBackup LiveUpdate agent installed and configured.

  9. After all client names are entered, click OK.

    If your LiveUpdate Server Location is configured as a file share, you can still include both Windows and UNIX clients in your LiveUpdate policy. NetBackup then attempts to map the specified location to the appropriate path name syntax on the target platform.

    See About LiveUpdate file share servers and LiveUpdate policies with Windows and UNIX clients.