Veritas™ Usage Insights for NetBackup Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.3, 10.2, 10.1.1, 10.1, 10.0, 9.1, 9.0, 8.3)

About Veritas Usage Insights

Usage information is used with Usage Insights that is part of the Veritas NetInsights Console to compare backup size data with your capacity, traditional, and NEVC licensing.

Veritas Usage Insights helps you manage your deployment more efficiently, spot trends, and plan for the future. With accurate, near real-time reporting, it reveals the total amount of data that is backed up. Usage Insights alerts you if you are close to exceeding your licensed capacity limits. You must be at 8.1.2 or later to use Usage Insights.

Figure: Veritas Usage Insights overview

Veritas Usage Insights overview

Usage Insights provides:

  • Accurate, near real-time reporting of terabytes protected, total number of protected clients or the total storage capacity, and the total number of sockets of a hypervisor whose virtual machines are protected.

  • A graphical display of usage trends.

  • Tracking of consumption and alerts before usage against entitlement is exceeded.

  • Easy planning and budgeting, for each of your accounts.

  • Identify growth spikes.

  • View the breakup of usage information based on license type and product version.

  • Primary server level information now available. You can add the primary server name within Usage Insights.

  • Ability to download tables in excel (.csv), pdf (with watermark), and json formats.

  • Ability to download and send tables by email. Email ID associated with the Usage Insights login is used for sending emails.

Figure: Veritas Usage Insights dashboard - License summary

Veritas Usage Insights dashboard - License summary

Figure: Veritas Usage Insights dashboard - Capacity consumption and growth breakdown

Veritas Usage Insights dashboard - Capacity consumption and growth breakdown

Usage Insights supports the following license types:

  • Platform Base Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing

  • Alta Data Protection for Cloud

  • Platform Base Complete Edition

  • Platform Base Limited Edition

  • Platform Base Big Data Workload Edition

  • Platform Base NDMP Edition

  • Enterprise Virtual Client Edition

  • Traditional Licensing Model Edition

  • Flex Scale Edition

  • Data Mover Edition

  • Enterprise Edition

You must have 8.2 or later to view all the license types on Usage Insights.

If you have 8.1.2, you can only view the NetBackup Platform Base Complete Edition, by default.

If you have downloaded and installed the latest 8.1.2 or 8.2 nbdeployutil EEB that introduces the support for all license types, you can view all license types on Usage Insights. Also with this EEB, there is enhanced support for virtual usage reporting as a part of Flexible Licensing. if you install a client only inside a VMware virtual machine and protect it using any policy type, the client is considered a virtual workload and the benefit of Flexible Licensing is applicable.

For customers who use Capacity licensing (NDMP, Limited Edition, BigData, or Complete), Traditional licensing, or NEVC licensing, Usage Insights helps accurately measure capacity usage to give total visibility into how each of the protected workloads consume storage, enabling efficient planning. Usage Insights also eliminates the need for these customers to manually upload telemetry data to Veritas.

For Base Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing, the Platform Base Complete Edition licensing usage is converted if you are on 8.1.2 or later, if you have purchased the license after 14th April 2019, and if you are sending data to Usage Insights at least once every 90 days. The converted usage is then displayed on the Usage Insights portal.

For customers who have only Alta Data Protection for Cloud license, the usage reported for that license is displayed. For customers who have both Alta Data Protection (ADP) and other licenses, the usage of cloud policies are reported within ADP and the usage from remaining policies are reported within other license types.

You can access Veritas Usage Insights portal with Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox at the following URL:

Veritas does not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, as it does not render all information correctly.

Figure: Veritas Usage Insights conceptual architecture

Veritas Usage Insights conceptual architecture