Veritas™ Usage Insights for NetBackup Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.1)

CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER option for NetBackup primary and media servers

This option lets you specify an unauthenticated proxy server that NetBackup uses to relay Usage Insights data to Veritas. With this option there is no way to verify that the value is set correctly. The Usage Insights interface displays a message indicating the number of days since the data was successfully uploaded to Veritas. This option only supports the http protocol.

Use the CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER option only if you have NetBackup 8.3 to NetBackup 9.0.

If you upgrade to NetBackup 9.1 and later, use the nbcallhomeproxyconfig command and the CALLHOME_PROXY_NAME option or manually configure the proxy using the NetBackup Web UI.

Table: CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER information



Where to use

On NetBackup primary and media servers.

How to use

Set the CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER option on your server with the bpsetconfig command and the format shown:

echo CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER = protocol://url:port | bpsetconfig

Or start bpsetconfig and enter the key and value pair at the prompt as shown:

# bpsetconfig
bpsetconfig> CALLHOME_PROXY_SERVER = protocol://url:port

Use Ctrl+D on UNIX or Ctrl+Z on Windows to send the configuration changes.

More information about the bpsetconfig is available in the Net Backup Commands Reference Guide.




# bpsetconfig

Equivalent Administration Console property

No equivalent exists in the NetBackup Administration Console host properties.