Veritas NetBackup™ for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)
  1. Introduction to NetBackup for Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)
      Protect AHV using NetBackup
      NetBackup terminology related to the AHV backup
      NetBackup for AHV environment
      Tasks to protect the AHV
  2. Prerequisites, notes, and restrictions
    2. Notes and restrictions
        NetBackup character restrictions for virtual machine names
  3. Configuring NetBackup communication with AHV
      Establishing communication between components
    2. Adding a backup host to the NetBackup master server
        Adding a backup host to the NetBackup master access list
        Configuring a NetBackup Appliance as a backup host
      Adding a backup host to the Acropolis Cluster access list
      Adding the Nutanix Acropolis Cluster credentials for NetBackup
    5. Managing SSL certificates
        Managing SSL certificates on NetBackup Appliance
      About the nb_nutanix-ahv configuration file
  4. Configuring NetBackup policies for AHV
      About the BigData policy type
      Creating a BigData policy using the NetBackup Policies utility
      Creating a BigData policy using the Backup Policy Configuration Wizard
      Creating a BigData policy using the NetBackup Command Line Interface
  5. Backup and restore
    1. Back up the Nutanix AHV virtual machines
        Basic phases in a NetBackup backup of an AHV
      Restoring the Nutanix AHV virtual machines
  6. Troubleshooting issues
      Troubleshooting issues related to AHV backup
      NetBackup logs
      About errors during policy creation and validation
      NetBackup status codes
  7. Appendix A. NetBackup commands to backup and restore Nutanix AHV virtual machines
      NetBackup commands for protecting the AHV


The following prerequisites apply to NetBackup for AHV.

  • To back up and recover Nutanix AHV virtual machines, you need the Enterprise Client license.

  • For a list of supported versions, see:

    NetBackup Master Compatibility List

  • Before you initiate a backup of a virtual machine, verify the following:

    • You have appropriate administrative rights and permissions from Nutanix to complete a backup for AHV virtual machines.

      For information on getting administrative privileges, refer to the Nutanix documentation.

    • The NetBackup master server can communicate with the backup host.

    • The backup host is able to communicate with the Acropolis cluster.

  • Whitelist the backup host on the Acropolis cluster using the appropriate whitelist option available through the Prism web console or its command line interface.

    See Adding a backup host to the Acropolis Cluster access list.

Verifying the operating system and platform compatibility

Verify that the NetBackup for AHV is supported on your operating system or platform.

To verify operating system and compatibility

  1. Go to the following page:

    NetBackup Master Compatibility list

  2. For information on support for Nutanix AHV, see Support for NetBackup in a Virtual Environment list from the NetBackup Master Compatibility List page.
NetBackup server and client requirements

Verify that the following requirements are met for the NetBackup server:

  • The NetBackup server software is installed and operational on the NetBackup server.

  • Ensure sure that you configure any backup media that the storage unit uses.

  • The number of media volumes that are required depends on the following:

    • The devices that are used and storage capacity of the media

    • The sizes of the virtual machines that you want to back up

    • The amount of data that you want to archive

    • The size of your backups

    • The length of retention of the backup images

Verify that the NetBackup client software is installed on the backup host.

License requirements for the Nutanix AHV

NetBackup for AHV requires an Enterprise Client license for each Nutanix Acropolis cluster node.

For detailed information about adding licenses, refer to the "Adding NetBackup licenses" section of the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.