NetBackup Master Compatibility List

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Following is a list of documentation, Hardware Compatibility Lists and Software Compatibility Lists for all currently supported NetBackup, NetBackup Appliance and PureDisk versions.



An Installation and Upgrade Checklist for NetBackup is available on the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools website to determine requirements/compatibility for master, media and clients:

NetBackup Installation and Upgrade Checklist (SORT)

NetBackup Documentation

8.1  | 8.0  | 7.7 

NetBackup Appliance Documentation

All versions

NetBackup Appliance Compatibility Notes

All versions

Hardware and Cloud Storage Compatibility List (HCL)

8.0 - 8.x.x
7.7 - 7.7.x

Software Compatibility List (SCL)

8.0 - 8.x.x
7.7 - 7.7.x

Application/Database Agent Compatibility List

8.0 - 8.x.x
7.7 - 7.7.x

Snapshot Client Compatibility List

8.0 - 8.x.x: see the Snapshot Client section in the  8.0 - 8.x.x HCL
7.7 - 7.7.x: see the Snapshot Client section in the  7.7 - 7.7.x HCL

Support for NetBackup in a Virtual Environment

7.7.x and 8.x

NetBackup Device Mappings FilesLinux/UNIX | Windows
NetBackup Cloud Configuration Package8.0 and later
7.7.1 and later

Cluster Compatibility List

(Cluster compatibility information is now contained in the SCL.)



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