Veritas Appliance Management Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.2)

Exporting the appliance performance data

You can export the performance data for an appliance for the selected timeframe, performance metrics, and compare with parameters. This data is exported as a CSV file.

If you are comparing the performance of an appliance with other appliances, the data for multiple appliances is exported as a zip file. The following sample message is displayed:

The selected data for five appliances is exported here: <appliance name>

To export the appliance performance data

  1. Log on to the Appliance Management Console.
  2. From the Home page, click the hostname of the appliance that interests you.
  3. Click the Performance tab.
  4. Select the timeframe, performance metrics, and compare with appliances parameters. The compare with appliances parameter lets you compare data for the selected appliance with up to four other appliances that use the same AMS. You can search for an appliance or select an appliance from the list. The colors and legend for different appliances appear on the right so that you can identify the appliance easily on the chart.
  5. Click Export to export the currently displayed data. The data is exported as a CSV for a single appliance and as a zip file for multiple appliances.The zip file contains multiple CSV files.