Veritas Appliance Management Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.2)

Monitoring events

Use the Monitor > Events page in the Appliance Management Console to monitor the events that occur on the AMS and the agents that are managed.

Events that occurred in the last 6 months are displayed. You can also export events from the last 90 days in a CSV file.

Click Export to export events from the last 90 days in a CSV file.

Figure: Events page shows a sample Events page.

Figure: Events page

Events page

Examples of some events that can occur are:

  • Appliance was set as an AMS

  • Appliance was added to the AMS

  • Packages were added to the repository

  • Packages were deleted from the repository

  • Upgrade has started

  • Upgrade is complete

  • Upgrade has failed

  • Preflight check has started

  • Preflight check is complete

  • Preflight check has failed

  • EEB installation has started

  • EEB installation is complete

  • EEB installation has failed

  • User password was changed

  • Access key was regenerated

  • Access key could not be regenerated

  • AMS update has started (<package name>)

  • AMS update is complete (<package name>)

  • AMA update has started (<package name>)

  • AMA update is complete (<package name>)


When you update the 3.1.1 AMS to version 1.2 by using the management update package, you may see the event AMS upgrade has started on the Monitor > Events page. This is incorrect and it should say AMS update instead of AMS upgrade.

On completion of the update, another event is logged: AMS update is complete. This event correctly describes the event as AMS update.

Each event is attached to a specific host (AMS or agent) and has a severity. The event severity can be one of the following:

Event Severity



Information about normal system operation


Indicates problems where immediate intervention is required. It may indicate that one or more operations have failed.


Alerts you about a condition that may cause an error.

You can search for the UMI code column (Unique Message Identifier) on the Support site to learn more about the event. Visit the Support site at: