Veritas Appliance Management Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.2)

Managing EEB installation

Each release of NetBackup incorporates fixes to several known issues that affected previous versions of NetBackup. Several of the customer-related fixes that are incorporated into each release are also made available as emergency engineering binaries (EEBs).

The Install EEB (patch) page lets you manage and deploy EEB software for multiple appliances.


Ensure that there is no other EEB being installed simultaneously.

The top of the page provides a description of each required task. As you complete a task, the page refreshes with details for the next step. The following describes the page details for each task:

1 Confirm appliance selection

  • Selected appliances (n) The host name of each appliance and the total number of listed appliances.

    Click the drop-down arrow on the left to view the list of EEBs that are already installed on this appliance.

  • Role The configured role for each appliance.

  • Master The associated master server for any listed appliance media server.

  • Version The current software version of the appliance.

2 Select an EEB

  • Applicable packages The full name of each compatible EEB that resides in the AMS Repository.

  • Type The package type; EEB.

  • Version The software version of each listed EEB.

3 Review and confirm

4 Start EEB install

  • Selected appliances (n) The host name of each appliance and the total number of listed appliances.

  • Version The software version of the listed EEB.

  • Selected package The name of the selected EEB for the appliance.

To install EEB (patch)

  1. On the Home page, select the appliances where you want the EEBs installed. All selected appliances must have the same software version. After completing the appliance selections, click Manage > Install EEB (patch).
  2. On the Install EEB (patch) page, (1 Confirm appliance selection) review and verify the displayed information for the appliances that you selected on the Home page. If the list is correct, click Next.

    To make any changes, go back to the Home page and make them. Return to this page to confirm your selections and click Next.

  3. On the Select EEB page, select the appropriate EEB package in the Applicable packages column and click Next.


    Only one package can be selected.

  4. On Review and confirm page, review and confirm the information in the Readme file. Then click Next.
  5. On the Start EEB install page, click Install to start the installation.

    On the Activity Monitor, watch the State column for the progress and the results of the EEB installation for each appliance, as follows:

    • In queue

      The EEB installation will begin.

    • In progress

      The EEB installation has begun.

    • Successful

      The EEB installation is complete.

    • Failed

      The EEB installation has failed.