Veritas Appliance Management Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.2)

Home page

When you open the NetBackup Appliance Web Console login page and log in as an AMS user, you can access the home page on the Appliance Management Console. This page is displayed after you have configured the appliance role like a master server.

From the Home page, you can add the appliances that you want to manage (agents). Only NetBackup 3.1 or later appliances that are configured as a master or a media server can be added.


Appliances that use software versions 2.7.3 and 3.0 can now be added and are also supported for upgrades through the Appliance Management Console. To add or upgrade appliances with versions 2.7.3 or 3.0 from the Appliance Management Console, you must first apply specific EEBs on those appliances. Check this link for more information.

Figure: Home page

Home page

Table: Home page describes each column that appears on the Home page.

Table: Home page




Displays the hostname (FQDN) of the agents that are managed from the Appliance Management Console.

Click the hostname to view the appliance details and performance metrics.

See Viewing the appliance details.

See Viewing performance charts for appliance.


Displays the hardware model of the agent


Role of the agent like master or media


Associated master server of the agent. This field is blank if the agent itself is a master server.

Appliance version

Version of the appliance software.

AMS/Agent version

Version of the AMS or Agent software on the appliance depending on whether the appliance is configured as an AMS or an agent.


When the AMS or agent is updated to version 1.2, the AMS/Agent version column may be empty after the update. It can take up to an hour for the AMS/agent versions to be displayed on the Home page.

Total capacity used

Used capacity on the agent. This includes all partitions like MSDP, AdvancedDisk, Shares, Configuration, and so on.

The used capacity is shown graphically in percentage.

Last contact time

Displays the time when either of the following occur:

  • EEB is installed

  • Upgrade is performed

  • Inventory data is received from the specific agent

You can add the appliances that you want to manage by clicking Add. You can also remove the selected agents by clicking Remove.

Use Manage to upgrade software or install EEB (patch) on selected agents. You can also search for specific hostnames, versions, or models on this page.


You cannot upgrade or install EEB on an AMS.

See Adding an appliance to the Appliance Management Console.

See Removing one or more agents from the Appliance Management Console.