Veritas Appliance Management Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.2)

About the AMS user role

To enhance security, each user can be assigned a different role. Roles enable you to restrict system access to a set of privileges. A role can be applied to an individual user, or it can be applied to a group that includes multiple users. The user roles that are described in this topic are specific to LDAP, Active Directory (AD), and NIS users.

The following describes the user roles and their associated privileges:

User role



User can access the following:

  • NetBackup Appliance Web Console

  • NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

  • NetBackup Administration console


Appliance Management Console that is hosted on the AMS


NetBackup command line

Review the following considerations for an AMS user:

  • An AMS user can access the Appliance Management Console on the AMS. An AMS user cannot access the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu or the NetBackup Appliance Web Console on the AMS.

  • Only an Administrator can grant the AMS role to a user from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu on the AMS.

  • Before you grant the AMS role, you must configure AMS on the appliance.

    See Configuring an appliance as AMS.