Veritas InfoScale™ 7.3 Getting Started Guide - AIX

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Product(s): InfoScale & Storage Foundation (7.3)

Manually assessing your systems

Table: Tasks for manually assessing your systems lists the tasks you need to perform to manually assess your systems.

Table: Tasks for manually assessing your systems

Filling out the online preinstallation checklist

The preinstallation checklist helps you make sure that your configuration meets the operating system requirements and that you are installing the correct product patch level.

  1. Go to the Assessments > Install and Upgrade tab on the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website at:

  2. From the drop-down lists, select the information for the Veritas InfoScale product you want to install.

You see a checklist with system requirements, patch information, operating system parameters, and product information. You can print the checklist, save it as a PDF, and email it.

Checking the compatibility lists

The hardware compatibility list contains up-to-date information about supported arrays, host bus adapters, switches, and other hardware products. Check the hardware compatibility list to make sure that the hardware in your configuration is supported. Before you install your Veritas InfoScale product, follow any instructions that are needed to prepare your hardware.

The software compatibility list summarizes each Veritas InfoScale Solutions product and product features, operating system versions, and third-party products it supports.

  1. Go to the Documentation > Documents page on the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website at:

  2. From the Document categories list, click the check box for Compatibility lists.

  3. Select the compatibility list for your product version and platform.

The compatibility list shows as a PDF file in the bottom-left corner of your browser window. Open the PDF and check the hardware or the software information depending on the compatibility list you have selected.