Integrated data protection and copy data management

NetBackup and Velocity

Integrated copy data management

Accelerate and transform data access

Now organisations can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time by streamlining data access using their existing NetBackup infrastructure. The direct integration of NetBackup and Veritas Velocity, the newest copy data management solution, provides a single, scalable platform that lets you protect and recover information, use your backup data for more than recovery, and return storage cost savings to IT.

  • Get fast, on-demand self-service access to your data
  • Reduce copy data sprawl and associated costs
  • Strengthen information governance

Rapid data acccess

Get fast, on-demand, self-service access to data

  • Provision virtual copies from your NetBackup ecosystem without additional infrastructure or the separate processes related to physical copies
  • Automate rapid data provisioning by creating virtual copies as needed in seconds instead of hours or days
  • Accelerate test and development cycles


Optimise storage

Reduce copy data sprawl and associated costs

  • Reduce burdens on the production environment with regular backups that copy, de-dupe and store data
  • Use far less space and consume zero production capacity by provisioning virtual copies from backup storage
  • Reduce your backup windows and improve Service Level achievement


Reduce risk

Strengthen information governance

  • Easily set role-based access policies from a single interface
  • Centrally control, manage and track copies of production data
  • Simplify your infrastructure by eliminating isolated data and centralising copy management


Accelerate and streamline data access

Provide fast, self-service access to data on-demand

Manual, labour-intensive processes to provision copies of production data can take days or weeks and, in some cases, may be impossible. By virtualising a single copy of production data ingested directly from NetBackup™ or the source, you can instantly provision virtual copies, eliminating the need for physical copies that increase storage costs and business risk. Provisioning virtual copies takes only seconds, so you can create as many copies as you need, whenever you need them.

  • Reduce delays in the provisioning process to shorten product delivery cycles and speed up QA
  • Empower end users with self-service data access
  • Eliminate the waiting, delays or resource dependencies of physical copies by creating virtual copies as needed

Improve storage processes and cut costs

Dramatically reduce copy data sprawl

One of the biggest causes of the estimated 40-50% CAGR of data is copy data. According to IDC, organisations create on average 20 copies of production data that occupy more than 70% of their storage and will cost up to 60% of their storage budget by 2018. By provisioning virtual copies directly from the NetBackup ecosystem, you can eliminate the need for additional infrastructure or separate processes to create, store and manage physical copies.

  • Reduce copy data footprint by up to 90%
  • Use much less space and consume zero production capacity by provisioning virtual copies on-demand from backup storage
  • Achieve negative data grown by implementing comprehensive copy data management

Reduce business risk

Set role-based permissions to limit access and improve protection

Many organisations have little visibility into where production data copies are stored, who has access to them and if there are additional copies. Some may share data with disparate or outsourced teams and have no tracking mechanisms or safeguards to protect it from getting into the wrong hands. Veritas Velocity lets you easily set role-based access permissions and user privileges from a central interface, strengthening information governance.

  • Quickly set access permissions by role to ensure the right people can access the right data at the right time
  • Centrally control, manage and track virtual copies through a single interface
  • Protect vital information with dynamic data masking without burdening developers or other data consumers

Boost backup and recovery performance

Reduce backup windows by eliminating redundant data

Today’s organisations are struggling to keep pace with phenomenal data growth caused mainly by copy data. As data volumes increase, so do backup windows, storage consumption and data management costs. By virtualising a single copy of production data directly from the source or NetBackup™, Veritas Velocity instantly provisions virtual copies on-demand, eliminating the need for physical copies and reducing your overall storage burden.

  • Ensure highly efficient storage
  • Lower storage costs using as-needed virtual copies instead of physical copies
  • Shorten backup windows by eliminating unnecessary or redundant data

Identify outdated databases

Safely and easily retire databases as needed

Organisations often maintain old databases far beyond their useful lives and don’t have a well-defined process for removing historic records prior to merging instances or routinely archiving old data. As a result, they may retain obsolete data that’s no longer needed or even used. Veritas Velocity ingests and stores full copies of designated production databases at specified times, so you can safely retire the primary database, but still access it quickly and easily via Velocity in the future, if necessary.

  • Eliminate archaic and non-essential data
  • Quickly pinpoint and retire unused databases
  • Retain fast access to retired databases if needed
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