NetBackup Copilot for Oracle

Enterprise backup and recovery.

A revolutionary approach to database backup and recovery

NetBackup Copilot lets database administrators independently manage backups using their tools and RMAN scripts on their schedule, maintain visibility across all storage tiers, and recover from any available copy. Backup administrators can implement policies to manage the storage, retention and movement of database backup copies on disk, tape or cloud storage tiers. Copilot dramatically reduces backup times with NetBackup Accelerator for Oracle, significantly increasing database backup performance.

  • Effectively coordinate workflows between the database and backup teams
  • Reduce impacts on the business
  • Increase savings on storage utilisation and network bandwidth

Improve operational efficiency

  • Easily coordinate data protection responsibilities between database and backup administrators
  • Reduce storage requirements
  • Prevent failed backups due to overlapping schedules

Speed Oracle database backups

  • Leverage NetBackup Accelerator technology
  • Get free, high-performance storage for production use
  • Eliminate two-step backup and restore processes

Provide self-service for Oracle database administrators

  • Help administrators maintain greater control by using familiar tools
  • Automatically synchronise the RMAN and NetBackup catalogs
  • Restore old backup copies from cloud or tape using RMAN commands