NetBackup Cloud Data Protection

Unified enterprise data protection for a multi-cloud world.

Enterprise cloud data protection

Simple, reliable, unified

Whether you're deploying a new application in the cloud or simply use it as another storage tier for data, NetBackup delivers simplicity, agility and speed with an integrated modern data protection architecture.

  • Seamlessly scale NetBackup to the cloud and choose from a range of fully tested and certified cloud connectors, including AWS S3, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud Platform Storage, Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Server, IBM Bluemix, Hitachi and SwiftStack.
  • Reduce time, cost and network bandwidth utilisation with fast end-to-end deduplication performance with NetBackup CloudCatalyst.
  • Orchestrate and manage snapshots for cloud workloads with seamless integration between NetBackup and CloudPoint.
  • Bypass expensive disaster recovery build-outs in the cloud and resume on-site operations quickly
  • Leverage Veritas Information Studio to get a clear line of sight into the data in your multi-cloud environment.



New in NetBackup: Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Fast, Cost-Effective, Multi-Cloud Backup for Confidence and Choice

With more cloud storage integration choices available, NetBackup makes moving your backups to the cloud simple with one-click cloud storage integration. Get unified cloud data protection with end-to-end deduplication and certified cloud connectors for virtually any cloud provider at lower cost and less risk, no matter where the data resides.

  • Seamless deduplication and cataloguing of data between data centre and multi-clouds
  • Expanded ecosystem of fully tested and certified partners supported by OST framework
  • Encrypted keys for control of data in the cloud
  • Faster management and granular control for virtual environments
  • Leverage and build on existing technology investment

Seamlessly integrate cloud storage

Move beyond all on-premises, disk-based backups

Now you can easily move archived and infrequently accessed data offsite to cost-effective cloud storage for disaster recovery and keep critical data on site on performance-optimised storage close to your production applications, for immediate recovery. Plus, you can do so while maintaining complete visibility and control, so you can strike the right balance between your recovery and compliance requirements and cost.

  • Orchestrate when and how you move data to the cloud with automated backup lifecycle policies, without losing visibility
  • Shrink backup storage requirements and cut network use with intelligent deduplication and built-in compression
  • Be confident of complete data security with data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Remove cloud adoption barriers for data protection thanks to easy integration with a growing list of cloud service providers

Reliably protect data wherever it resides

Extend enterprise data protection to cloud-based workloads

Data and applications are everywhere – on servers in your data centres, in remote and branch offices, and in the cloud. This distributed environment introduces new risks to your data and requires you to rethink the way you protect and recover it. Placing NetBackup in the cloud is not only a smart way to extend proven, enterprise-level data protection to your cloud-based workloads, but it also dramatically simplifies your on-premises data protection requirements.

  • Orchestrate, manage and govern data protection across all cloud, virtual and bare-metal servers via the web-based NetBackup UI
  • Strengthen data protection governance and reduce risk with centralised, policy-based controls
  • Get predictable performance to the cloud and simplify on-premises data protection with powerful NetBackup Appliances
  • Enable fast end-to-end dedupe to the Cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst

Turn the cloud into a disaster recovery destination

Easily restart operations in the cloud

Your organisation’s applications and data are only meaningful when they’re actually available for use. Replicating your server images and data to cloud storage can quickly turn your NetBackup cloud deployment into an inexpensive, on-demand disaster recovery destination, so you’re ready to resume on-site operations in the cloud quickly.

  • Replicate backups of server images and data to any VMware-based cloud with built-in Auto-Image Replication and be ready for fast recovery
  • Recover a bare-metal server on a virtual instance in the cloud with physical-to-virtual conversion capability
  • Ensure disaster recovery readiness without dedicated hardware using simple, on-demand rehearsal of NetBackup restores and server recovery