NetBackup Appliances

Simple and efficient backup, storage and deduplication on a single device.

Simplify enterprise data management with agile, scalable, integrated appliances

NetBackup Appliances integrate multiple components into a single device, streamlining management, operation and support—and saving you money and critical IT resources. Tight integration with NetBackup software gives you a way to cut costs and remove complexity across the entire organisation.

  • Save time and money vs. building your own media server
  • Easily scale capacity and performance as your organisation grows
  • Quickly deploy new data protection capabilities

Increase operational efficiency

  • Deploy faster
  • Reduce risk by minimising planned and unplanned downtime
  • Improve staff efficiencies and enhance service levels


Reduce costs with consolidation

  • Lower capital expenses by combining multiple point products in a single appliance
  • Reduce operating expenses with fewer products to manage
  • Decrease data centre space, cooling and power requirements

Leverage flexible performance and scalability

  • Optimise performance via tight integration of hardware with NetBackup software
  • Increase network bandwidth and reduce capacity with deduplication at multiple levels: source, target, inline or post-process
  • Easily add capacity as your environment grows

What’s new in NetBackup Appliances

Today’s organisations must respond quickly to a changing business environment that includes cloud, virtualisation and the explosive growth of data. Veritas has enhanced the NetBackup Appliance family to meet all these challenges with NetBackup 3.0 Software for Appliances.

  • Get increased NetBackup Copilot for Oracle performance; now 2x faster than competitors
  • Gain over 50% capacity increase for the NetBackup 5330 to 687 TB
  • Reduce complexity and costs with the NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Office
  • Connect more easily in virtual environments with iSCSI I/O on NetBackup 5240

Streamline management, operation and support

Save time and money with integrated appliances

Whether you need to reduce the deployment time of a media server or streamline backup administration, purpose-built NetBackup Appliances can eliminate the cumbersome, time-consuming task of building and managing your own media server. 

  • Streamline acquisition
  • Simplify installation and integration
  • Eliminate complex administration
  • Automatic patches and upgrades
  • Reduce support requests

Boost recovery time for hybrid clouds 

Easily meet stringent Service Level Objectives

Now you can augment your cloud-based storage strategy with on-premises data protection when you face demanding Service Level Objectives. NetBackup Appliances offer an easy, turnkey solution for your hybrid cloud data protection strategy.

  • Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud storage
  • Optimise performance with a fully tested hardware/software integration
  • Use integrated cloud connectors, including AWS S3, Google, IBM SoftLayer,  Microsoft® Azure, Hitachi, Oracle Cloud Platform, S3 cloud storage providers and SwiftStack

Replace multiple legacy systems

Reduce costs and increase flexibility by combining point products

What started as a good idea with a single point product for a specific task has evolved into multiple, disparate point products, including dedupe storage silos. A turnkey NetBackup Appliance consolidates multiple pieces of equipment, including tape libraries, virtual tape libraries and legacy deduplication target appliances into a single, centrally managed solution. NetBackup Appliances streamline the acquisition and installation process and provide ongoing savings through simplified administration, ease of patching and a single support contact. 

  • Simplify management with one unified appliance and save administrative costs
  • Increase backup success rates with optimised software and hardware integration
  • Lower data centre power, space and cooling costs with a reduced hardware footprint 

Streamline the protection of Oracle databases

Simplify collaboration between database and backup administrators

Database and backup admins tend to depend on different tool sets to protect databases, resulting in blind spots and inefficiencies that prevent them from understanding the complete picture and taking the best course of action. Veritas NetBackup Copilot for Oracle creates an optimised solution for the protection of Oracle databases. Now you can be confident your databases are protected and ensure they’re compliant and accessible whenever they’re needed. 

  • Better co-ordinate workflows between database and backup teams
  • Increase savings with improved storage utilisation and reduced network bandwidth
  • Deploy manageable big data solutions to drive business value 

Simplify remote office protection

Choose physical or virtual appliances 

To manage backup and recovery in remote offices, most organisations look for ease of deployment, management without specialised IT staff and simplified, consolidated equipment. Whether you need capacity or ease of integration, Veritas offers both a physical and a virtual solution to meet your needs. 

  • Eliminate need for specialised IT staff with simple appliance management
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Lower power, space and cooling costs with reduced hardware footprint
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IDC names Veritas NetBackup Appliances the market-leader for Purpose Built Backup Appliances

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