It's Time for a Forward Thinking Approach


Backup that takes your business forward

Veritas solves the challenges of modern data protection with a solution-level approach that no point-product vendor can match. We call it Forward Thinking Backup. We bring together trusted solutions, new innovations and professional services to address our customers' data protection requirements. Forward Thinking Backup starts with NetBackup, the industry's leading backup and recovery software.

It is offered as an integrated, converged platform with highly scalable storage appliances that dramatically simplifies deployment and operation, and lowers cost. On top of this foundation we layer innovative solutions such as Information Map that leverage your NetBackup investment to further improve how your data is managed and accessed. With Forward Thinking Backup from Veritas, you will be ready for whatever comes next.


Data protection for the digital business

Businesses are undergoing a dramatic digital transformation that is forcing IT leaders to rethink what data protection means. How you protect and manage your information will determine whether it becomes the fuel or freight of your business. In this new digital age, data protection is more than just about making copies. Read our free white paper to learn more about:

  • How digital business transformation will change data protection.
  • Five questions that will challenge your current data protection strategy.
  • Four key requirements for data protection that will enable the digital business.
  • How Veritas technologies can form the basis of your data protection strategy.


Eight tips to stay ahead of the top 2016 data protection trends

Information is the lifeblood and differentiator for an organisation in a constantly changing world. Follow these eight tips to maximise the value of your data protection investment and free up resources to innovate and create business value.


Top five pitfalls to avoid in your data protection strategy

As you navigate the new digital age, your data protection strategy needs to be more than just the basics of backup and recovery. With the shifting tides of data centre requirements, there are five critical pitfalls to avoid when building a successful data protection strategy for your organisation.


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