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Veritas Technologies LLC

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Veritas Technologies LLC



Information Technology


Santa Clara, California


Approx. 7,500


Veritas Enterprise IT manages a large volume of data and applications in a VMware-based virtual environment. The company cannot afford any downtime, both because of the impact on corporate workflows and because of the possible implications for the Veritas brand.


Enterprise IT uses Veritas NetBackup Appliances for data protection. Primary backups are stored on the appliances while secondary backups are stored on tape.

Das Ergebnis

Enterprise IT has achieved a backup success rate of more than 99 percent and reduced the volume of data being backed up by 90 percent. Restores have a success rate over 99 percent as well, and Enterprise IT has experienced no unplanned downtime at all in the past year. Additionally, GRT has decreased the time to restore individual files from hours to minutes.