The Veritas Strategy for Ransomware Resiliency

Schutz May 18, 2022

Are you concerned about malware infiltration and ransomware attacks? Are you confident in your ability to ensure your applications and IT services are highly available and recoverable in the event of a ransomware attack? With the threat of ransomware constantly evolving and new, more sophisticated attacks happening every day, having a clear and effective strategy to combat ransomware is a must.  This is where Veritas can help, with a long-standing history of delivering protection and resiliency solutions that keep your IT services running.

Having a holistic cybersecurity strategy is your main defense against ransomware.  Veritas plays a key role as part of an overall cybersecurity strategy focused on helping you combat ransomware. With innovative data management solutions that help you protect, detect, and recover from malware infiltration, Veritas has a proven strategy and platform to keep your applications and data safe, and highly available – with native functionality that offers immutability and indelibility to protect against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Resiliency

Veritas provides a multi-faceted approach to ransomware resiliency with proven solutions focused on 3 main principles:

  • Protection – enterprise data protection that can operate at scale with integrated malware detection, immutable and indelible infrastructure, security hardening and anomaly detection
  • Detection – real-time operational intelligence, insights, and tools for malware detection in both production and backup data footprints
  • Recovery – advanced storage and system management for production applications that enables fast recovery with integrated security, data immutability and continuous data protection

Figure 1 provides an overview of the Veritas approach to ransomware resiliency that can work as part of an overall cybersecurity strategy to keep your systems, applications, and data safe from ransomware. This is an overview of the Veritas approach to ransomware resiliency, which is a key part of a holistic cybersecurity strategy.  Let’s take a closer look at the Veritas solution.


Protecting your backup data and infrastructure is essential for ransomware resiliency. With a strong focus on data integrity to help ensure backup data remains safe and untouched from malicious invaders, NetBackup includes several features and functionality designed to ensure that your backups are protected from ransomware:

  • Secure appliances – NetBackup Flex and Flex Scale appliances are easily manageable hyperconverged systems optimized for data protection. They deliver infrastructure immutability and indelibility with a zero-trust architecture that is more secure than traditional systems
  • Anomaly detection – artificial intelligence powered anomaly detection can detect and alert on suspect behavior, so you can take immediate action to isolate malware-infected backups and make sure your data is always recoverable
  • Malware scanning – fully integrated and automated malware scanning allows you to detect and eliminate ransomware part of the backup process and can be triggered by anomaly scores


Having real-time visibility into your data and infrastructure is key.  Seconds matter, and understanding what risks and threats are present in your environment in the minimum amount of time allows you to take action to remediate the threat and prevent any data loss or corruption.

Veritas provides in-depth real-time operational intelligence and insights that can help you detect ransomware and take appropriate actions to keep your data safe. Veritas can provide a holistic view of your infrastructure with insights that can help combat ransomware:

  • NetBackup IT Analytics – is a single pane of glass solution that provides operational insights and intelligence with dashboards designed specifically to combat ransomware by identifying unprotected systems as well as anomalies with data protection operations
  • Data Insight – provides real-time monitoring of your primary data with malware detection using native templates and policies that can identify known ransomware extensions.  Data Insight has additional functionality that helps minimize the threat and impact of malware

Figure 3 shows an example of a ransomware assessment dashboard available out-of-the-box with NetBackup IT Analytics.

Recovery and Resiliency

Ensuring that your production applications and data are easily recoverable and have the resiliency needed to withstand ransomware attacks is a key part of an effective ransomware resiliency strategy.  Veritas InfoScale provides fast recovery and resiliency for applications running on nearly any platform – including cloud and containers.  This helps keep your production IT services running by giving you:

  • Flexibility – use nearly any platform (including cloud and containers) with integrated security and resiliency features that help protect your production data from ransomware attacks and offer a wide range of RPOs and RTOs
  • Security and data immutability – easily create immutable storage checkpoints with infinite retention that can be recovered quickly and can’t be accessed or modified by ransomware.  Audit logging ensures there’s a proper record of events related to illegal modifications within the file system
  • Integration – deploy as part of an overall solution integrated with Veritas data protection and 3rd party anti-malware scanners to provide additional layers of cybersecurity.  An intuitive user interface simplifies operations and delivers comprehensive reporting and visibility

With ransomware attacks becoming more sophisticated and commonplace, Veritas provides a comprehensive strategy for ransomware resiliency that helps keep your IT services running. While implementing a holistic cybersecurity strategy can be challenging, Veritas can integrate seamlessly into your environment to give you the best defense against downtime and data loss due to malware infiltration and ransomware attacks.   

For more information on how Veritas helps combat ransomware, check out our solution paper and visit our Ransomware Protection solution use case.

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