Veritas NetBackup™ Add-in for Microsoft SCVMM Console Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 9.0)
  1. Introduction and notes
      About the NetBackup Add-in for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
      Notes on the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Updates to this guide for NetBackup 8.2
  2. Installing the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Requirements for the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Installing the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Installation message: Add-in cannot be installed
      Installation message regarding localized environments
      Configuring the add-in for an external certificate
      Reconfiguring the add-in for a NetBackup CA-signed certificate
      Uninstalling the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
    8. Configuring the NetBackup Recovery Wizard
        Creating an authentication token for the NetBackup add-in for SCVMM
        Authorizing the NetBackup add-in to restore virtual machines
        Adding or deleting an additional host name or IP address for an authentication token
        Revoking an authorization token
        Renewing an authorization token
        Listing all current authorization tokens
  3. Recovering virtual machines
      Notes on restoring Hyper-V virtual machines with the Recovery Wizard
      Accessing the Recovery Wizard
    3. Restore Virtual Machine Wizard screens
        Virtual Machine Selection screen
        Backup Image Selection screen
        Select Another Image screen
        Restore Options screen
        Review Settings screen
      Checking the status of a recovery job
  4. Troubleshooting
      About logging for the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Viewing log messages for the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      Changing the logging level for the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM
      The pre-recovery checks in the Recovery Wizard of the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM return out-of-date information about the VM
      Next button in the NetBackup Add-in Recovery Wizard is enabled even though required input has not been entered
      The NetBackup Add-in Recovery Wizard does not prompt to overwrite the VM, and the recovery fails

Installing the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM

This topic describes how to obtain the installation files and install the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM.

Table: NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM: installation requirements



NetBackup add-in installation file

You can download the installation file from the following location:

SCVMM console host

Download the installation .zip file to the SCVMM console host, or to a different Windows host.


The Windows host must have network connectivity to the SCVMM server.

SCVMM server(s) and their credentials

When the add-in is installed, it runs in the SCVMM console.

The following are required to complete the add-in installation:

  • Host name or IP address of each SCVMM server.

  • User name and password of each SCVMM server.

  • Port number for each SCVMM server (default is 443).

Additional user access

Additional user access may be needed in the following situation:

  • User Account Control is enabled on the SCVMM console host.

  • The user who installs the add-in is not the user who installed the System Center.

See Installation message: Add-in cannot be installed.

To install the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM

  1. On the MyVeritas website, log on with your MyVeritas account:

    For logon assistance, see your account Administrator, or contact Veritas:

    Veritas Support


  2. Click Licensing on the MyVeritas menu bar.

    The Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS) appears.

  3. Click Entitlements, then click More Options.
  4. In the Product Name field, enter NetBackup and click Apply Filters.

    Your NetBackup product entitlements appear in the list.

  5. For one of the NetBackup products in the list, click the Download Product icon under Actions.

    A list of NetBackup product versions appears.

  6. For one of the NetBackup products, click the Download Product icon again.
  7. Select the file and download the file to the SCVMM console host.

    For assistance with the Veritas Entitlement Management System, see the following article:

    Veritas Entitlement Management User's Guide

  8. Unzip the downloaded file and locate the file.

    The path to the file is the following:



    Do not unzip the file. That zip file is needed for installation of the add-in.

    Zip files for other NetBackup plug-ins are also included in the downloaded file. Those files are not required for the NetBackup Add-in for SCVMM.

  9. Launch the SCVMM console and connect to the SCVMM server.

    You need the server's host name or IP address, and its logon credentials.

  10. In the SCVMM console, open the Settings workspace, then click the Import Console Add-in option in the SCVMM ribbon.

    The Import Console Add-in Wizard appears.

  11. In the Select an Add-in screen, click Browse and browse for the file.

    Several warnings appear. These warnings can be safely ignored.

  12. Click Continue installing this add-in anyway.

    If the Import Console Add-in Wizard states "The Add-in cannot be installed," you may need additional user access.

    See Installation message: Add-in cannot be installed.

    When you have the required user access, browse for the NetBackup add-in file again (step 11) and continue this installation procedure.

  13. On the Summary screen, click Finish.

    If the NetBackup add-in is installed on a Windows host that has a non-English system locale, SCVMM may issue a message when the installation completes.

    See Installation message regarding localized environments.

    The imported add-in appears in the Jobs window of the SCVMM console, and in the Settings workspace under Console Add-ins.

  14. If you had logged into the SCVMM console with your own credentials, restart the SCVMM console when prompted.


    If you selected the Use current Microsoft Windows session identity option, a restart is not required.


    To use the NetBackup add-in, you must log on to the SCVMM console with the Administrator role. If you log on to SCVMM with a different role, the add-in functionality is disabled.


    The first time you use the NetBackup add-in, an End User License Agreement (EULA) appears. To use the add-in, you must accept the EULA.

  15. If the NetBackup master server uses an external certificate, see the following topic:

    See Configuring the add-in for an external certificate.