Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

High availability notes

The following describes the notes and known issues for high availability setups.

  • High Availability (HA) deployments

    To help customers deploy new NetBackup Appliance HA installations, Veritas has created a checklist with links to various documents, including those that address related issues. For complete details, see the following article:

  • When configuring the HA setup on the compute node, if the process fails, the failure message may take up to one hour to appear.

  • To upgrade the nodes in an HA setup, MSDP configuration is required on both the compute node and the partner node. Appliance HA node upgrades are not supported if MSDP is not configured.

  • If you configure an HA setup with two appliance nodes that did not have MSDP configured during their initial configuration, MSDP configuration must be completed from the compute node using the following command sequence:

    • Manage > Storage > Resize MSDP Catalog

    • Manage > Storage > Resize MSDP

    • Manage > High Availability > Switchover <partner node>

      The last command ensures that the HA setup is functioning correctly


    The best practice is to always configure MSDP during the initial configuration of the appliance.

  • If you create an HA setup on an appliance compute node that was upgraded to version 3.2 and then attempt to add a partner node that is a new 3.2 version appliance, the process may fail and show the following message:

    - [Error] V-409-955-2025:
    The User ID/Group ID (uid/gid) for the mongod user on the partner node is different from
    the uid/gid for the mongod user on the active node. Refer to Veritas article 100046013.

    To resolve this issue, contact Veritas Support.

  • Before adding the partner node to complete an appliance HA setup, you must first verify that all NetBackup processes are running on the master server and on both HA nodes.

    If any processes are not running on the master server or on the nodes, adding the partner node fails. To prevent this failure, you must first stop all NetBackup processes and then restart them. For complete details, see the topic "Adding the partner node to the NetBackup 53xx high availability configuration" in the NetBackup 53xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide.