Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

New operational notes for NetBackup Appliance

This topic describes the known issues for this release. Some of the issues that appear here may also apply to previous releases because some issues may have been discovered after the previous release became available.

You should also refer to the Release content appendix of this document to see the issues that have been resolved for this release.

Known issues for version

  • MongoDB startup failure after 53xx upgrade and rollback

    After an upgrade and rollback on 53xx appliances with software versions 3.1 or 3.1.1, MongoDB may fail to startup automatically. If this issue occurs, a tech note article link appears that includes additional details. Contact Veritas Support for assistance and refer them to article 100048150.

  • Operational issues after 53xx HA node upgrades to

    After you have completed upgrading a 53xx HA node, a Mongo service connection error can cause some infrastructure services (infraservices) to malfunction. HA operations, network, AutoSupport, and other services and features may be affected. For example, the appliance may not generate a notification of upgrade, or if you enable STIG after the upgrade, the login banner may not work correctly. If these issues occur, log in to the shell menu and restart the web services by running the following commands:

    Main > Support > InfraServices Stop Webserver

    Main > Support > InfraServices Start Webserver

    Running these commands should restore the affected operations.

  • "Fail Lock" STIG rule only supports local users, not remote users

    When STIG is enabled, one of the enforced remediation rules is xccdf_org.ssgproject.content_rule_accounts_passwords_pam_faillock_deny. This "Fail Lock" rule is intended to lock an account and prevent login access to it if multiple and successive incorrect passwords have been entered. The current implementation for NetBackup appliances enforces this rule for local users. However, authentication by AD, LDAP, or Kerberos users is not supported when this rule is put into effect when STIG is enabled. Those authentication methods can be re-enabled with the appropriate shell menu commands. If you plan to enable STIG, it is recommended to enable it before configuring remote access.

    For details about how to work around this issue, see the following article:

  • Mounting Universal Shares using Windows servers

    Universal Shares may fail to mount on a Windows server when you use the server short name or FQDN. It is recommended that you use the IP address instead of the server names.

  • IPsec channel configuration failures

    For appliances that use versions 3.1.2 and later, IPsec channel configuration between appliances may fail and show the following errors:

    [Error] Remote host <appliance_name> does not have valid IPsec configuration.

    [Error] Unable to execute sudo /opt/NBUAppliance/scripts/ -check.

    [Error] Failed to create HostInfo object for host <appliance_name>.

    [Error] SSH command execution failed.

    To resolve this issue, contact Veritas Support and refer them to article 100048279.

  • DR catalog recovery error if catalog is on a remote server

    If you mount a remote DR path on an appliance (MountPoints > Mount) and then configure a catalog backup policy from the NetBackup Java console, the backup job to the mounted remote path results in the following error:

    exit status 35 cannot make required directory

    To resolve this issue, use the Policy Configuration Wizard in the NetBackup Java console to create a DR catalog backup policy for a NetBackup Appliance. For details, see the following article:

  • Appliance reboot during backups causes SAN client, Fibre Transport, tape device issues

    If you reboot an appliance media server appliance while backup jobs are in progress, the following problems may result after the reboot has completed:

    • SAN client backups fail.

    • Backup jobs through Fibre Transport (FT) fail.

    • Remote tape devices become unusable.

    To resolve these issues, do one of the following:

    • Log in to the NetBackup Java console, navigate to Media and Device Management > Devices > SAN Clients, then choose each SAN client that is affected and trigger a Fibre Channel (FC) rescan.

    • Log in to the appliance media server as a NetBackup CLI user and run the following command

      /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbftconfig -rescanallclients

  • Web console does not launch or monitoring information is missing

    After you have deployed a new appliance or performed a system restart (manual reboot), the NetBackup Appliance Web Console may either fail to launch or show incomplete monitoring details. These issues may occur when the web server takes longer than expected to start.

    To resolve this issue, wait at least one minute and relaunch the web console. Also, any missing or incomplete monitoring details should appear within 24 hours.

  • Preflight upgrade self-test fails on attempted upgrades to 3.2 and

    The following issues may cause the preflight upgrade self-test to fail on attempted upgrades to versions 3.2 and

  • NetBackup web UI error during Instant Access (IA) operations

    The following error message may appear while IA operations are running:

    This issue may be caused by one of the following scenarios:

    • An appliance with version was configured as an HA node but an MSDP partition was not configured during the initial configuration process.

    • The HA node has been upgraded from version 3.1 to 3.1.2, from 3.1.2 to 3.2, then from 3.2 to

    To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • Failure to create disk volume when configuring MSDP cloud from NetBackup web UI on upgraded HA appliances (nodes)

    When you attempt to configure MSDP Cloud from the NetBackup web UI after upgrading an HA node to version, the error message Failed to create disk volume may appear. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • MSDP Cloud disk pool offline after HA node upgrade followed by MSDP Cloud configuration

    If you configure MSDP Cloud after an HA node upgrade to version, the MSDP Cloud disk pool may be offline after NetBackup restarts, the system is rebooted, or after an HA switchover. This problem may indicate that the MSDP Cloud service is not enabled in the MSDP registry file. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • Rollback process prevents web console connection to database

    If an appliance is in the process of a rollback after upgrading from version 3.1.2 to, the NetBackup Appliance Web Console is not able to connect to the database. This can cause the ShowHealth monitoring services to either fail or provide incomplete status details. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • Failure to re-image NetBackup 5250 from SSD after upgrade

    After upgrading a 5250 appliance to version, attempting to re-image the appliance by booting it up from the SSD may fail. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • Error message appears when configuring MSDP storage during initial configuration

    For new deployments of version, the following error message may appear during the initial configuration after setting the role and configuring MSDP storage:

    - [Error] Failed to enable optimized synthetic full backups (Storage Server Attribute). This appliance may not be used for synthetic full backups. [status: 20; stdout: ; stderr: Could not connect to storage server. Please verify that <server_name> is a valid storage server of the required type and is reachable on the network. If an OpenStorage plug-in is required for this storage server, verify it is installed. Attribute flag OptimizedImage was not set.

    Failed to change storage server eagappflx056, invalid command parameter]

    The failed process automatically makes a second attempt to enable optimized synthetic full backups which is successful. You can ignore the error message.

  • FTMS service not enabled after upgrade

    After upgrading an appliance from version 3.0, 3.1, or 3.1.1 to version, the FTMS service may not be enabled successfully. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • Settings > SNMP polling Enable command fails from remote sessions

    When you log in to the appliance from a remote machine and run this command, the message Timeout: No Response from <server_name> may occur. To resolve this issue, see the following article:

  • No email alert for backup failures when MSDP usage shows 92%

    Appliances may not generate email alert V-475-103-1000 if backup jobs are failing when MSDP usage is at 92%. Refer to the appliance interfaces to check the disk usage if backup jobs start to fail.