Veritas NetBackup™ for OpenStack Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2)

Using NetBackup Command Line Interface (CLI) to create a BigData policy for OpenStack

You can also use the CLI method to create a BigData policy for OpenStack.

To create a BigData policy using NetBackup CLI method

  1. Log on as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd.
  3. Create a new BigData policy using the default settings.

    bppolicynew policyname

  4. View the details about the new policy using the -L option.

    bpplinfo policyname -L

  5. Modify and update the policy type as BigData.

    bpplinfo PolicyName -modify -v -M MasterServerName -pt BigData

  6. Specify the Application_Type as openstack.

    For Windows:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add "Application_Type=openstack"

    For UNIX:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add 'Application_Type=openstack'


    The parameter values for Application_Type=openstack are case-sensitive.

  7. Specify the backup host on which you want the backup operations to be performed for OpenStack.

    For Windows:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add "Backup_Host=hostname"

    For UNIX:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add 'Backup_Host=hostname'


    The backup host must be a Linux computer. The backup host can be a NetBackup client or a media server or a master server.

  8. Specify the OpenStack directory or folder name that you want to backup.

    For Windows:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add '/combimation of project and instance'

    For UNIX:

    bpplinclude PolicyName -add '/combimation of project and instance'

    Supported combinations:

    • /Project_name/Instance_name

    • /Project_name/Instance_ID

    • /Project_ID/Instance_name

    • /Project_ID/Instance_ID


    Instance name used for backup selection while defining BigData Policy with Application_Type=openstack must not contain space or special character in their names.

  9. Modify and update the policy storage type for BigData policy.

    bpplinfo PolicyName -residence STUName -modify

  10. Specify the IP address or the host name of the controller node for adding the client details.

    For Windows:

    bpplclients PolicyName -M "MasterServerName" -add "OpenStackServerHMaster" "Linux" "RedHat"

    For UNIX:

    bpplclients PolicyName -M 'MasterServerName' -add 'OpenStackServerHMaster' 'Linux' 'RedHat'

  11. Assign a schedule for the created BigData policy as per your requirements.

    bpplsched PolicyName -add Schedule_Name -cal 0 -rl 0 -st sched_type -window 0 0

    Here, sched_type value can be specified as follows:

    For sched_typeonly FULL is supported.

    Once you set the schedule, OpenStack data is backed up automatically as per the set schedule without any further user intervention.

  12. Alternatively, you can also perform a manual backup for OpenStack data.

    For performing a manual backup operation, execute all the steps from Step 1 to Step 11.

  13. For a manual backup operation, navigate to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin

    Initiate a manual backup operation for an existing BigData policy using the following command:

    bpbackup -i -p PolicyName -s Schedule_Name -S MasterServerName -t 44

    Here, -p refers to policy, -s refers to schedule, -S refers to master server, and -t 44 refers to BigData policy type.