Veritas NetBackup™ for OpenStack Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3, 8.2)

NetBackup for OpenStack terminologies

The following table defines the terms you will come across when using NetBackup for protecting OpenStack.

Table: NetBackup terminologies



Compound job

A backup job for OpenStack data is a compound job.

  • The backup job runs a discovery job for getting information of the data to be backed up.

  • Child jobs are created for each backup host that performs the actual data transfer.

Discovery job

When a backup job is executed, first a discovery job is created. The discovery job communicates with the controller node and gathers information of the instances and associated volumes (cinder) that needs to be backed.. At the end of the discovery, the job populates a workload discovery file that NetBackup then uses to distribute the workload amongst the backup hosts.

Child job

For backup, a separate child job is created for each backup host to transfer data to the storage media. A child job can transfer data blocks from multiple Region servers.

Parallel streams

The NetBackup parallel streaming framework allows the instances and associated volumes (cinder) backed up using multiple backup hosts sequentially.

Backup host

The backup host acts as a proxy client. All the backup and restore operations are executed through the backup host.

You can configure media servers or clients as a backup host.

The backup host is also used as destination client during restores.

BigData policy

The BigData policy is introduced to:

  • Specify the application type.

  • Allow backing up distributed multi-node environments.

  • Associate backup hosts.

  • Perform workload distribution.

Application server

Controller node is referred to as an application server in NetBackup.