Veritas NetBackup™ for SQLite Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

About SQLite database backups

The nbsqlite -o backup command initiates the backup operation using the -S, -P, -d, and-s as the required parameters. The parameter -z is the required parameter for Linux LVM configured systems.

Configure these parameters in the nbsqlite.conf file or provide them on the nbsqlite command line, when the parameters provided on the command line takes precedence.


Ensure that the SQLite agent and NetBackup are of same version for successful backup and restore operations.

Figure: NetBackup for SQLite backup workflow

NetBackup for SQLite backup workflow
The NetBackup for SQLite backup workflow

When you initiate a backup, the agent creates a snapshot, mounts the snapshot, copies the file into the XBSA data object. The agent then sends the file to the NetBackup XBSA interface.

The NetBackup XBSA interface writes this data to the mounted media or disk storage managed by the NetBackup media server.

The command prompt displays the successful completion status of the backup. The Activity Monitor also displays the status for the backup job.