Veritas NetBackup™ for SQLite Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

Describing the NetBackup for SQLite Agent package

The agent is packaged in the file and is available on site.

The package file contains the following platform files:

  • (Windows) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/

  • (Linux RHEL) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_linuxR_x86/

  • (Linux SUSE) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_linuxS_x86/

(Windows) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/ includes the following files:

  • NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/README.txt

  • NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/

  • NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/Setup.exe

  • NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_AMD64/NBSQLiteAgent.msi

(Linux RHEL) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_linuxR_x86/ includes the following file:

  • VRTSnbsqliteagent.rpm

(Linux SUSE) NBSQLiteAgent_8.2_linuxS_x86/ includes the following files:

  • VRTSnbsqliteagent.rpm

When you install the agent, accept the VERITAS LICENSE AGREEMENT to proceed with installing the agent successfully.

The agent by default gets installed at the following locations:

  • (Windows) C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NBSQLiteAgent

  • (Linux RHEL & SUSE) /usr/NBSQLiteAgent/