Veritas Data Insight Self-Service Portal Help

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Product(s): Data Insight (6.1.5)

Using the Self-Service Portal to confirm ownership of resources

You can use the Self-Service Portal to confirm or decline if you are the custodian of a particular path. On the Ownership Confirmation page of the portal, you can do following tasks:

  • View all the paths for which you are requested to confirm your ownership.

  • Select the paths you own and indicate your ownership.

To confirm ownership

  1. Select the paths for which you have to confirm your ownership.
  2. Click Confirm to accept ownership of the data resource for the purpose of remediation.

After you submit the confirmation request from the portal, the actions are sent to the Data Insight Management Server. The Data Insight administrator can view the paths for which custodians have declined ownership, and assign other custodians to the paths. For more information, refer to Veritas Data Insight Administrator's Guide.