Veritas Data Insight Self-Service Portal Help

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Product(s): Data Insight (6.1.5)

Using the Self-Service Portal to classify sensitive data

You can use the Self-Service Portal to classify files based on business value of their content. You can mark files with sensitive information as record. Files that are marked as record are submitted to Enterprise Vault, if it is configured in Data Insight, for further action.

On the Records Classification page of the portal, you can do following tasks:

  • View a snapshot of the number of files that are assigned for your attention.

  • Mark the assigned files as record or no record. .

  • Filter the list of files based on the recency of the last access date or last modified date, or the policy that the files violate. The filters available to you depend on the options that are selected when configuring the workflow template.

    The different filters are applied together, and the list is filtered to show the data that matches the applied criteria.

To classify the files

  1. Select the files that you want to remediate.
  2. From the Select Action drop-down, select the action that you want to take on the selected files. For example, you may choose to archive the file. The listed actions indicate whether you want to mark the file as record or not. The name of the actions may vary depending on the name configured in the workflow.
  3. Click Submit to send the remediation request to Enterprise Vault or the Data Insight Management Server for further action.

    The files that are marked as record are automatically archived using Enterprise Vault, if automatic action is enabled on these files. You can view the status of the workflow on the Data Insight Management Console.

  4. Click Delegate to delegate the workflow to any other custodian.