Veritas Data Insight Self-Service Portal Help

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Product(s): Data Insight (6.1.5)

Logging in to the Self-Service Portal

Custodians log in to the Self-Service Portal using the link in the email alert that they receive when a remediation workflow is submitted by a Data Insight or Data Loss Prevention administrator.

The link to the portal is valid only as long as paths in the workflow request are pending action by the custodians or until the end date specified in the workflow. Note that custodians cannot use the same link to log in to the portal after a workflow is complete, is cancelled for any reason, or if the custodian has taken action on all assigned paths.

In some cases, the Data Insight administrator or a Data Insight Workflow Administrator may log in as custodians to the portal on your behalf. You will receive a notification alerting you that a Data Insight administrator has logged in to a workflow that is assigned to you. You can disable further notifications for a particular workflow. However, you will continue to receive reminder notifications for other workflows that are assigned you.

To log in to the Self-Service Portal

  1. Click the link contained in the email alert.

    The portal login page appears. The Username field is pre-populated with the your network username.

  2. Enter your network password, and click Login.
  3. When you log in to the portal, you may be presented with a welcome message if it is so configured for the workflow.

    On the message, click OK to continue with remediation actions on paths submitted for your attention.