Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1)

About NetBackup appliance log files

Log files help you to identify and resolve any issues that you may encounter with your appliance.

The NetBackup appliance has the ability to capture hardware-, software-, system-, and performance-related data. Log files capture information such as appliance operation, issues such as unconfigured volumes or arrays, temperature or battery issues, and other details.

Table: Viewing log files describes the methods you can use to access the appliance log files.

Table: Viewing log files


Access methods

Log details

NetBackup Appliance Web Console

You can use the Monitor > SDCS Audit View screen from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console to retrieve the audit logs of an appliance.

Appliance audit logs

NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

You can use the Main > Support > Logs > Browse command to open the LOGROOT/> prompt. You can use the ls and cd commands to traverse the appliance log directories.

  • Appliance configuration log

  • Appliance command log

  • Appliance debug log

  • NetBackup logs, Volume Manager logs, and the NetBackup logs that are contained in the openv directory

  • Appliance operating system (OS) installation log

  • NetBackup administrative web user interface log and the NetBackup web server log

  • NetBackup 52xx appliance device logs

NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

You can use the Main > Support > Logs > VxLogView Module ModuleName command to access the appliance VxUL (unified) logs. You can also use the Main > Support > Share Open command and use the desktop to map, share, and copy the VxUL logs.

Appliance unified logs:

  • All

  • CallHome

  • Checkpoint

  • Commands

  • Common

  • Config

  • CrossHost

  • Database

  • Hardware

  • HWMonitor

  • Network

  • RAID

  • Seeding

  • SelfTest

  • Storage

  • SWUpdate

  • Trace

  • FTMS

  • FTDedup

  • TaskService

  • AuthService

NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

You can use the Main > Support > DataCollect command to collect the storage device logs.

Appliance storage device logs

NetBackup-Java applications

If you encounter problems with the NetBackup-Java applications, you can use the scripts in this section to gather the required information for contacting support.

Logs relating to the NetBackup-Java applications