Veritas InfoScale™ 7.3 Getting Started Guide - AIX

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Product(s): InfoScale & Storage Foundation (7.3)

Mounting the ISO image

An ISO file is a disc image that must be mounted to a virtual drive for use. You must have superuser (root) privileges to mount the Veritas InfoScale ISO image.

To mount the ISO image

  1. Log in as superuser on a system where you want to install Veritas InfoScale.
  2. Create a loopback device to which you can bind the ISO image file:
    # mkdev -c loopback -s node -t loopback
    loop0 Available
  3. Bind the ISO image to the loopback device and mount the device:
    # loopmount -i <ISO_image_path> -l loop0 \
    -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt

    Where <ISO_image_path> is the complete path to the ISO image