Veritas InfoScale™ 7.3 Getting Started Guide - AIX

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Product(s): InfoScale & Storage Foundation (7.3)

Registering Veritas InfoScale product using keyless licensing

The keyless licensing method uses product levels to determine the Veritas InfoScale products and functionality that are licensed.

You can register a Veritas InfoScale product in the following ways:

Using the installer

  • Run the following command:


    The installer automatically registers the license at the time of installation or upgrade.

    During the installation, you will get the following prompt:

    1) Enter a valid license key
    2) Enable keyless licensing and complete system 
       licensing later
    How would you like to license the systems? [1-2,q] (2)

    Enter 2 for keyless licensing.

  • You can also register your license keys using the installer menu.

    Run the following command:


    Select the L) License a Product option in the installer menu.


Perform the following steps after installation or upgrade:

  1. Change your current working directory:

    # export PATH=$PATH:/opt/VRTSvlic/bin
  2. View the possible settings for the product level:

    # vxkeyless displayall
  3. Register the desired product:

    # vxkeyless set prod_levels

    where prod_levels is a comma-separated list of keywords. The keywords are the product levels as shown by the output of step 2.


Within 60 days of choosing this option, you must install a valid license key corresponding to the license level entitled, or continue with keyless licensing by managing the systems with Veritas InfoScale Operation Manager. If you fail to comply with the above terms, continuing to use the Veritas InfoScale product is a violation of your End User License Agreement, and results in warning messages.

For more information about keyless licensing, see the following URL:

For more information to use keyless licensing and to download the Veritas InfoScale Operation Manager, see the following URL: