Veritas NetBackup™ WebSocket Service (NBWSS) Reference Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 9.0)

Problems saving the NetBackup endpoint credentials in the WebSocket Server dialog

This topic pertains to the NetBackup WebSocket Service (NBWSS).

This topic describes the problems that may occur when you click Add Host on the NetBackup WebSocket Server dialog to save NetBackup credentials for an endpoint.

Table: Problems saving the endpoint details as NetBackup credentials


Explanation and recommended action

JSON contents not valid

The endpoint information in the JSON file is invalid. For example: one or more of the fields in the JSON file are empty or contain unsupported characters. Note that NetBackup does not support an apostrophe (') anywhere in the file.

See WebSocket endpoint details and their formatting.

Correct the JSON file accordingly.

Invalid websocket protocol. Only wss protocol supported

The WebSocket URL in the JSON file is not in the supported format.

Specify the URL as described in the table in the following topic:

See WebSocket endpoint details and their formatting.

Communication with EMM failed


Unable to establish connection with host: <Websocket servername>

The server details are incorrect or there is a networking problem.

  • Make sure the WebSocket server's host name (or IP address) and port are correct.

  • Make sure you can ping the WebSocket server.

  • Verify that DNS lookup works.

the entity already exists

Make sure that an endpoint server with the same name has not already been added in NetBackup. To display the saved endpoints, click the refresh option in the Administration Console toolbar:

Contact Technical Support for further assistance.

The certificate did not match with the one accepted by the user, please verify the certificate

The SSL certificate that you accepted with the Validate option on the WebSocket Server dialog does not match the certificate that the URL obtained when you clicked Add Host.

Make sure that the SSL certificate on the endpoint server was not changed after you clicked Validate to accept the certificate.

Failed to setup SSL security


Failed to open connection to the remote object referred to by the URL

NetBackup was unable to get the SSL certificate from the endpoint URL.

Make sure the WebSocket server has a valid SSL certificate.

Problem occurred while storing the SSL certificate in the truststore


Error loading keystore

NetBackup was unable to save the SSL certificate of the endpoint server to the NetBackup trust store.

Contact Technical Support for further assistance.

See Problems deleting the WebSocket server endpoint from NetBackup.