Veritas NetBackup™ WebSocket Service (NBWSS) Reference Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 9.0)

API calls over NBWSS

The NetBackup WebSocket Service (NBWSS) allows a cloud-based application to make REST API calls to NetBackup over a secure connection. The cloud application sends messages to NBWSS in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The JSON messages contain the REST API call that the cloud application wants to execute. NBWSS then makes the API call on the cloud application's behalf and sends back a response to the application.

The following is an example request to make a NetBackup REST API call:

      "version": "1.0",
      "id": "9CD2B69F-0BBF-3F60-974D-C1F2EF37B872",
      "type": "COMMAND",
      "subType": "REQUEST",
      "timeStamp": 1444806222,
      "payload": {
            "uri": "/netbackup/config/servers/vmservers/vCenter1.domain
            "method": "GET",
            "headers": {
                  "Content-Type": "application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=1.0"

Note the following:

  • To make an API call, the "type" field must be "COMMAND" and the "subType" field must be "REQUEST".

  • The "payload" field depends on the type of API to be called.

    • In this example, the "uri" field contains the URI of the REST API call. NBWSS makes sure that the host name and port are properly included in the full REST request.

    • The "method" field indicates the type of API call to be made. In this example, it is "GET" (a request to get information about vCenter1).

    • The "headers" field contains any HTTP headers to include with the API call. In this example, "Content-Type" is set to "application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=1.0", to indicate that the request is sent in JSON format.

    • The format of the "Content-Type" is the following:

      "Content-Type": "application/vnd.netbackup+media;version=<major>.<minor>"


      The version number in the "Content-Type" (version=<major>. <minor>) may change in future releases, depending on whether the changes are major or minor.

The following topic contains examples of NBWSS messages:

See Examples of NBWSS messages.