Veritas NetBackup™ WebSocket Service (NBWSS) Reference Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 9.0)

NBWSS logging

For messages about the NetBackup WebSocket Service (NBWSS) operations, see the following NetBackup log directories.

Table: NetBackup logs for NBWSS

Log directory

Contains the messages on

Resides on



UNIX, Linux


nbwebservice uses unified logging: originator ID 485. See the NetBackup Logging Reference Guide for information on how to use unified logs.

Adding NetBackup endpoint credentials, and NBWSS interactions with the cloud application.

NetBackup master server

To create other NetBackup log directories

  • Run the following command on the NetBackup servers:



    UNIX, Linux:


For guidance on using NetBackup logging, see the NetBackup Logging Reference Guide available from the following location:

See Problems validating the endpoint server in the WebSocket Server dialog.

See WebSocket endpoint details and their formatting.