Optimizing Storage with APTARE

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With today’s global, complex and virtualized storage environment, how do you extract cost, keep track of what’s consuming your storage and ultimately know if it’s even being used?

APTARE™ IT Analytics examines the full end-to-end connectivity of all utilized storage. APTARE also discovers hard-to-find categories of “dark” storage, including orphaned cloud snapshots, decommissioned virtual machines (VMs) and undiscovered LUNs. With APTARE, you can quickly identify reclaimable storage, so you can get more out of what you already have and defer future storage purchases.

The truth is 33‒50 percent of your used storage really isn’t. Join this webinar to learn how APTARE can help you:

  • Shine a light on your dark storage.
  • Enable business unit chargeback reporting for what’s really used.
  • Examine 20,000+ points of interest.
  • Intelligently plan future capacity needs.
  • Manage all your on-prem and cloud storage under a single pane of glass.



Tim Krause
Veritas Sales Engineer

Maqsood Khan
Veritas Sales Engineer