One best practice for reliable cloud data recovery Part 3 of 3 | Sharing insights (and data-driven best practices) from our Truth in Cloud research.

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Today’s enterprises demand dependability given the uptime and user experience commitments made to customers. So, although cloud vendors will offer you a good enough backup program, remember: Good enough is not enough when it comes to the operation of your business.

Join Anthony Cusimano and Alexandra Matthiesen of Veritas Technologies for insight into our Truth in Cloud 2019 research, including…

  • Guidance to take on today’s cloud data trends with confidence.
  • Perspectives on cloud backup from 1,645 cloud architects across 15 countries.
  • Best practices for reliable data management and protection for hybrid and multi-cloud IT.



    Anthony Cusimano
    Cloud Solutions Marketing, Veritas Technologies

    Guided by a background in engineering at Veritas, Anthony offers perspectives on cloud data management and protection that are industry-aware and technically rich. Plus, he’s very funny.

    Alexandra Matthiesen
    Cloud Solutions Marketing, Veritas Technologies

    With ample experience developing and marketing brands in the tech sector, Alexandra enjoys exploring the human realities driving today’s cloud innovations. Plus, she’s a pretty fast runner.