5 NetBackup Appliance Innovations You Can’t Ignore

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Join us to learn how Veritas will take care of your data protection infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

With the latest developments in security, management, and machine learning, Veritas data protection appliances provide turn-key solutions with the critical functionalities you need—so you can focus on your business, not your infrastructure. Join us to learn about the efficiencies you can leverage thanks to new capabilities offered by the latest generation of Veritas appliances.

Veritas appliances are more than NetBackup Integrated on a server. Tune in to the webcast to learn the benefits of fully tested performance-optimized integration:

  • Hardened security: Make sure advanced security threats don’t compromise your business’s critical data.
  • Simplified management: Make your job easier by managing all of your appliances through one view.
  • AI/ML-based predictive analytics: Get proactive support services that improve operational efficiency and reduce unplanned maintenance and downtime.
  • Data center efficiency: Consolidate multiple NetBackup deployments into a single, resilient Flex Appliance that delivers instant protection for virtually any workload in under 5 minutes. Availability for any applications running in the data center or the cloud, 24/7.



Hai Nguyen
Director, Product Management, Veritas Applications

Lisa Walker
Product Manager, Veritas Applications