NetBackup 9 Supercharges OpenStack Data Protection

Protection March 30, 2021

Digital transformation has enabled organizations to become more operationally efficient and resilient. Enterprises continue to choose cloud, private and public, as a storage or recovery target due to its flexibility, agile, and cost-effective nature.

OpenStack gives companies the ability to have a secureagile, and cost-effective solution, allowing them to build a unique cloud that supports their needs. These needs often include: multi-tenancy, own-hardware utilization, risk mitigation, full control of their environment, and custom security policies to meet business requirements.

Although OpenStack has immense benefits, it comes with certain challenges due to the increasing complexity and to the sheer size of OpenStack environments. Companies are looking for ways to fully protect their critical OpenStack infrastructure as well as provide an easier, faster, and more reliable recovery. Along with handling scale, other challenges consist of constrained support through the use of scripted ad-hoc solutions, making environments more susceptible to corruption, manual configuration, and disruptive processes.  

This is where we come in to help.

The most powerful and widely adopted data protection solution in the world today, NetBackup 9—a solution trusted by 87% of the Fortune Global 500—supercharges support for OpenStack by delivering cloud-native, API-driven, automated protection with rapid granular workload recovery from edge, to core, to cloud.

NetBackup for OpenStack provides:


NetBackup for OpenStack provides streamlined data protection of OpenStack workloads with agentless API-driven automation without impacting your applications. It also enables seamless integration for any OpenStack environment with clear infrastructure visibility. Built-in multi-tenant control allows you to simplify the management of multiple environments and ensure efficient resource utilization in order to support your Self-Service organization. NetBackup for OpenStack leverages its native Horizon User Interface (UI), providing an intuitive experience for OpenStack administrators, as well as a comfortable and familiar environment. (See figure 1.)

Figure 1: The intuitive web experience between NetBackup and the Horizon UI.


NetBackup for OpenStack seamlessly recovers private cloud infrastructures at scale, providing you with a software-defined, infinitely scalable solution for on-demand growth, significantly improving Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). With NetBackup for OpenStack, you can minimize and mitigate risks that come from disasters, ransomware attacks, operational failures, and GDPR compliance requirements. It can ensure recovery of any workload, from any location, with any granularity—from one to hundreds of thousands of virtual machines—by capturing incremental-forever snapshots.


NetBackup data protection for OpenStack provides a flexible solution with the ability to design and customize the cloud on their own terms. Deploy NetBackup for OpenStack in any fashion, including Flex Scale, the new scale-out architecture for private clouds.

NetBackup allows enterprises to optimize their data protection infrastructure by choosing the right mix of deployment modes: NetBackup Appliance of software for build-your-own (BYO), NetBackup Flex, and NetBackup Flex Scale. Take advantage of the greater NetBackup eco-system to ingest OpenStack data directly into NetBackup taking advantage of SLPs.

With NetBackup for OpenStack, you can expect optimized operations, costs, and management, giving you the confidence to manage and mitigate risk with enterprise-grade resiliency. It empowers organizations like yours to take the next step in OpenStack resiliency. Supporting more than 800+ different data sources, 1,400 storage targets, and 60+ clouds, it can be deployed in any form factor, in any mode—scale-up, scale-out, and cloud-native—all from a single, unified platform.

To hear more about the work we are doing on NetBackup for OpenStack, listen to the latest episode of the Voice of Veritas podcast where I am interviewed about the benefits of using NetBackup to protect your OpenStack environment.

Doward Wilkinson
Senior Principal Technical Marketing and Enterprise Data Protection
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