Expanding NetBackup Workloads with a Unified Platform

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As the financial markets contract, most organizations are looking to extract operational and capital costs from their investments and minimize risk. The best way to do so is to leverage one platform to efficiently manage all critical workloads. The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform is designed to reduce redundancy, increase resiliency, ensure protection and guarantee compliance.

Join us to learn how we use game-changing technology to manage and protect workloads like:

  • Big data (Hadoop, Mongo DB, SAP Hana)
  • Non-SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)
  • Oracle
  • Hyperconverged (Nutanix, RedHat KVM)
  • Virtual (Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, AVS, AWS)

With our platform, we can shrink the required infrastructure by reducing data protection redundancy and increasing efficiencies. We also enable native data protection to and from scale-out clusters with an agentless, plug-in architecture for fast, easy, on-demand deployment. You can even intelligently discover data and node locations for optimized performance and storage.



Mark League
Veritas Sales Engineer

Paul Rockwell
Veritas Sales Engineer