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Why Veritas?

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Ultimate flexibility.
Now and in the furture.

What you can expect from the competition:
Limited flexibility

Think of it this way: Would you rather go on a gradual journey toward modernization and cloud adoption? Or have an abrupt switch? With Veritas, there are no third-party tools needed for granular or physical recovery. You’re also protected from any type of vendor lock-in with complete BYOS license support.

Primary and secondary data analytics.

What you can expect from the competition:
Secondary data analytics only.

Our data analytics enables you to choose to protect only what’s important. Get visibility into your data with built-in content classification policies to reduce overhead on customers to write complex patterns for search. Control primary data growth with policy-based optimization.

Extensive, trusted governance and compliance.

What you can expect from the competition:
Limited governance compliance.

Enable better protection against non-compliance on numerous data privacy regulations including GDPR. With Veritas, you get protection against primary data breaches, enhanced security. Name search based deletion allows you to address data subject requests faster for email communication. Share only necessary content for data subject request, redact the rest, protect against non-compliance and accidental data exposure.

Business continuity focus for disaster recovery.

What you can expect from the competition:
Virtual infrastructure focus

Define different Service Level Objectives according to business objectives and optimize resource utilization. Deploy disaster recovery for multi-tier complex environments with help of multi replication group dependency. Leverage existing infrastructure to implement disaster recovery with built-in array replication support.

Robust archiving and eDiscovery solutions.

What you can expect from the competition:
Limited archiving support. No eDiscovery solution.

Veritas products enable you to search within content to identify PII or other classified data. Avoid transcript writing and search spoken keywords inside media content. Optical character recognition capabilities allow searching for text in images for eDiscovery. Not limited to just cloud archiving options or limited disk-based destination support.

Docker certified container technology adoption.

What you can expect from the competition:
Fragmented, non-certified container support.

Cover new modern workloads broadly and quickly with Veritas Flex Appliance. The Flex Appliance allows for the consolidation of primary/media server Infrastructure, lower TCO & Simplified Management. A single GUI integrates native deployments with NetBackup Cloud Catalyst. 

Proactive, intelligent maintenance.

What you can expect from the competition:
Costly, reactive maintenance.

Veritas Predictive Insights reduces unplanned downtime and ensures faster time to fault resolution with a cloud-based AI/ML Engine. It monitors system health, detects potential issues of appliances and creates proactive remediation before problems can occur—saving management time and costs while increasing uptime.

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