Announcing the Launch of Veritas 360 Defense

Your blueprint for unmatched resilience in the face of today's cyber threats.

Global Research Report: Data Risk Management—The State of the Market

Interviews conducted with 1,600 respondents split between executives and IT practitioners.

Veritas REDLab: In-House, Fully Isolated Cybersecurity Lab

Proactively testing and validating our software against the latest cyber threats.

Microsoft Named First Veritas 360 Defense Partner to Achieve REDLab Validation

Veritas tested Microsoft Defender with real-world malware in our REDLab facility.

Take control of your data.

Simplify management and protection of enterprise data and applications across clouds and across environments, at any scale.

Control threats to increase resilience.

Cyber threats are rising exponentially, and so are their financial and reputational impacts. Veritas offers proven data protection and resiliency solutions that enhance your cybersecurity posture across your entire data estate. With our multi-layered approach, you can be confident that your data is always secure, recovery happens fast, and all compliance requirements are addressed.

Veritas 360 Defense

Veritas 360 Defense integrates the disciplines of data security, data protection, and data governance, providing differentiated capabilities through the Veritas portfolio and our expanding ecosystem of cybersecurity partners.

Control cloud data wherever it lives.

Adoption of cloud services and SaaS applications is accelerating and creating new complexities. How do you protect cloud-based assets against ransomware? How do you optimize data and applications for always-on availability across CSPs? How do you take advantage of the best of cloud while keeping operational costs under control? With the power of Cloud Scale Technology, Veritas delivers a truly cloud-native, containerized elastic solution for maximum protection and performance.

Control risk to stay compliant.

The regulatory compliance landscape has become increasingly complex and full of risk. The ever-expanding mix of operating environments and communication platforms makes compliance administration difficult to manage and potentially more costly. With our comprehensive portfolio of integrated services, you can synthesize intelligence across data sources to streamline access, enhance visibility, gain actionable insights, and mitigate compliance risk.

Control costs and gain efficiencies.

Complexity leads to costs — it’s a simple equation. You can see it at work in the scattershot approach of our competitors, with their third-party dependencies, add-on licenses, and extra infrastructure requirements. Conversely, Veritas offers a unified data management experience that delivers greater efficiency and performance, and that ultimately translates into long-term savings.

Unmatched scale and versatility.

No other provider comes close to matching our reach and integration across the IT landscape.


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