NetBackup 5250 Appliance

The new standard for small and medium enterprise workload protection.


Introducing the NetBackup 5250 Appliance



The NetBackup™ 5250 Appliance is a complete NetBackup data protection solution that delivers the capacity, efficiency and performance to reduce costs and meet departmental service-level agreements (SLAs). Compact and versatile, the NetBackup 5250 is an ideal solution for fast-growing organisations that need enterprise-class data protection for moderate workloads.


Choose the NetBackup 5250 to:


Manage business risk

Ensure even small and medium workloads are protected.


Lower cost & complexity

Configure a complete, stand-alone NetBackup deployment.


Maximise flexibility

Easily add storage with more shelves or multiple appliances.

A fully integrated backup appliance.

The NetBackup 5250 is a fully integrated backup appliance with expandable storage and intelligent deduplication for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Veritas Appliance hardened security features protect against intrusions and malware to keep your data protected and available at all times.

Value of Veritas Appliances

Optimised Integration

Optimised Integration

Hardened Security

Hardened Security

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

Proactive Support

Proactive Support

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